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3 months in anxiety/depression

Hi all,

I already wrote a post about my first 2 months dealing with anxiety and depression. One more month is behind me and the things are getting bit better but still I'm having lot of things that lead my mind to a place where I don't want to be.

I'm taking Rivotril for my anxiety but I lowered the dose, step by step from 1 mg to .5 mg per day.

On the other hand, I still don't feel well. I'm having all kinds of symptoms (muscle twitching, hot head, nausea, sometimes confusion and terrible frustration).

What is particularly bothering me are vision problems which I can't explain. Sometimes my right eye vision just feels weird even though I got it checked and everything looks good.

The other thing is problems with sleeping. Especially when I occasionally drink alcohol... It happens even if I drink only one beer. I wake up during night feeling terrible and can't go back to sleep.

Because of these new symptoms, I started to doubt again in my health condition. Now the focus is on my brain.. I realize that it doesn't make much sense cause I'm just jumping from one organ to another trying to find the "guilty" one for my condition.

But on the other side, this anxiety doesn't make sense either. I don't get heart palpitations, shortness of breath, panic attacks and other symptoms that are usually present when people have anxiety disorders. I just start to feel bad and after a while frustrated. I'm now thinking of doing MRI of my brain but I really don't know where is the end for this.


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