Huge anxiety and panic plus depression

I'm new here. Getting extreme anxiety most of the day but especially when I wake in a morning. It improves in the evening. I have a just discovered I have a major health problem and this has triggered panic attacks and bad depression. Doc has given me 10 2mg Diazepam which are not brilliant at all, doesn't control the shaking and sobbing. He says he may give me beta blockers if no improvement by Friday. Is anyone else taking there's, am at my wits end, can't imagine how I'll make my next hospital appoint without being zonked out by something. It may have to be alcohol! Have lost half a stone in a week as not eating, so worried. Help.


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  • Hi JayPea518, getting diagnosed with a major health problem certainly would trigger your high anxiety and depression. Morning anxiety is common because it is the time of day with the highest adrenaline level in the body. It starts around 4am and builds. Usually by late morning, early afternoon the cortisol levels stabilize and that's why you tend to feel better by evening. As good a drug as Diazepam is, it did not control my shaking or crying either. Beta Blockers may help reduce some symptoms but NEVER take alcohol while on benzos. Can develop serious consequences. I do hope you can get your emotional well being under control but as long as a medical issue is going on it may be harder. I wish you well. Continue coming to this forum for added support. It is a caring group who understand what you are going through. Take care.

  • Thank you for explaining why mornings are hell. I have been on Citalipram 20mg for many years but Doc says he cannot increase dose as at 69 I am considered first he said increase to 30 because he didn't realise my age. I keep thinking this too will pass but at the moment I am at absolute rock bottom and cannot see a way forward.

  • JayPea, you are very welcome. I was on Xanax for many years when it no longer worked. I was then switched to Ativan, which also didn't control the morning anxiety. From there I weaned off (with doctor approval) the Ativan using Valium as a substitute until I was off all benzos. (That took 2 years slowly weaning) I am only left on Lexapro right now which is like your Celexa. I have found that the benzos were making my morning anxiety worse. It has now been 2 years off the Ativan/Valium and I've never felt better. Sometimes, too much of a good drug no longer works and makes anxiety climb because the brain wants a higher dose. The best thing you can do is follow your doctor's orders and don't be afraid to ask questions. Talk to you again.

  • Thank you again, so good to have someone listening, I have no family as such. I was in such a state today that a friend I had emailed got in touch with a Doc and she rang me.....she will visit me if I'm still in a state tomorrow and said that she would probably put me on beta blockers to stop the huge constant surges of adrenalin, she has also written a prescription for 14 more Diazepam 2mg to last me til I have my ultrasound and biopsy......the reason why all this has flared up......I am a cancer phobic and have a small enlarged gland in my neck.

  • JayPea, I totally understand your situation better. I am also on beta blockers which immensely helps with the adrenalin surges. How nice of your friend getting in touch with your doctor. I hope that you will not feel as alone in dealing with your anxiety regarding the ultrasound and biopsy. Please let us know how we can support you through the wait. I wish you well. JayPea, have you ever tried deep breathing when feeling so stressed out. It really would help calm you down some.

  • Yes, am trying that. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Have also found some (isotonic?) sounds on you tube with a video as if floating through clouds. Bless you.

  • JayPea, YouTube has some great audio meditation/relaxation tapes that may help you as well. I'm a great believer in imagery (floating through clouds, walking through gardens) as well as listening to someone with a soothing voice that captures your listening and helps push aside your worries. If you should need to PM (private message) me at any time, please feel free to. I will reply.

  • That is most kind, I don't know how to send a private message, could you tell me please?

  • Hi JayPea, I wish I knew how to explain it. I can barely do it myself but maybe there are others who will be better able to tell you how to send a Personal Message.

    Sometimes, there are things we want to say that are more personal, this way we feel more comfortable in sharing.

    Hope you are doing okay...

  • Never mind, but thanks. Been to Docs and can't have beta blockers as I had an asthma attack in 2002. Told him I'm taking Solpadeine Max and he said that was ok. Confessed about upping my Citalipram to 30mg despite him telling me that over 65's shouldn't have more than 20mg.......he didn't object. I still have the diazepam but am finding them extremely over rated. (I'm usually an extremely fit and slim oap)I feel abit calmer though mornings continue to be shocking but am "pulling myself together" think part of coping til the diagnosis is going to be mind over matter. The dreadful air crash of the Egyptian airline has made me grateful for each day that I'm alive.

  • Hey just take it easy and don't worry about anything, I know it's hard to do and you're worrying sick because of your health problem but hang in there and know that we're all here for you (:

  • Thank you .

  • I have terrible morning anxiety too I just try to ride it out by chatting on different forums .Now I understand why it's bad in the morn.I am on fluoxetine but they don't do a lot. I also have a very worrying health problem and have a hospital app for next week for a not very nice procedure . I asked for Diazapam but having had the 2 mg in the past I know they don't do anythinng. She has given me 5 mg so hope they are better. Oh and so generous of her she gave me the grand sum of 4 tablets

  • I did at least get 10. (2mg) See my other reply, am having a biopsy and ultrasound for a neck lump. I so feel for you, I dread that feeling when I first wake up. Huge adrenalin rushes and tons of tears. Thinking of you,awful feeling isn't it. X

  • Hey that's the same your 10 x2 is 20. My 4 x5 is 20. You could try taking two. I used to stay in bed till all hours to avoid getting up but now I get up earlier cos still have to face the anxiety whatever the time.

  • Yes, I think I need to get up as soon as I wake up rather than just staying under the covers as wave after wave floods over me, all ending in a sobbing session of course.

  • JayPea, definitely true. Lying in bed once you wake up and feel the pangs of fear is not going to get any better. I do listen to my meditation tape upon awakening and start my deep breathing before getting out of bed. Once I get going with my breadfast and my day, I start to feel better. Oh the crying/whimpering is still there but not the sobbing that use to come over me. Good Luck...

  • Forgot to say I have lost 2 stone in 5 months cos had no appetite. I am eating more now so hope to gain some weight but it's a long slow job .

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