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Weak legs?

I've suffered from chronic fatigue due to an underactive thyroid for a year. I've had many energy crashes and periods of weak legs and fatigue but things had improved greatly. I was crashing less often and the daily weakness had lifted to where it only hit if I over did things but it would pass the following day.

At the end of November anxiety crept back in, I was doing fairy well. My anxiety had returned last year due to ill health frightening me. I was doing well then out of thr blue had an anxiety attack which spiralled into weeks of anxiety. Very physical anxiety which I'm not used to. Which then turned to fears of what if im anxious at Christmas, what if I crash energy wise and feel ill at Christmas.... I don't speak to my extended family really after a trauma 4 years ago. I dread birthdays and Christmas though as I know my mum and sisters will want to see my children so that added stress turned into weeks of hellish anxiety leading up to Christmas.

It was during this time my weak legs returned. Between Christmas and new year they were constant and I put it down to the high anxiety I'd been experiencing. Now it's new year my anxiety is lessening slowly and I'm feeling much more relaxed. The weak legs is still have hanging around and it's daily which isn't something I'm used to anymore.

Friday and Saturday it lessened and I felt less anxious about it so I thought yes maybe there is a link to anxiety and the weak thighs. Then on Sunday I ventured out, I tire easily and have agoraphobia so had for a few weeks over Christmas stopped doing my daily dog walk and shop trip exposures. Sunday we went to the duck pond, I did some yoga poses and we popped to a shop on the way back to treat the children to some sweets. It was lovely. As soon as I arrived home I felt very tired, expected to so I didn't add fear like I usually do if I feel fatigue coming as I fear a crash. I rested an hour then had a shower. Then soon after the shower I was lying on my bed and I felt the leg weakness hit hard again. It continued into yesterday and scared me everytime I had to walk around the house.

It's like my thighs are so weak that walking I feel off balance and kind of bouncy with it and it triggers anxiety everytime I walk. Sitting down I feel fine and think it'd passed I feel that well, then I stand up and feel it bad again. My husband says it's anxiety caused but seeing as it hit after the duck pond I can't be liver that so it's triggered my health anxiety.

My hubby says it's all stress after a bad 4 weeks of adrenaline daily and so of course for a while it'll hang around and hit after any exposures as I am more tired since my anxiety setback. My gp ran a whole host of bloods in November and one was a text for muscles and it was perfectly fine so he said the weakness was all due to anxiety but I can't see how it is if it hits after exertion too. I tried to believe it was anxiety but since Sunday I'm worried it can't be.

Has anyone else had this permanent symptom? I'm not having anxiety that gives a fast heart or shakes like you'd expect would cause weak legs as that anxiety is very physical. It's more churning stomach, some rushes of adrenaline in my stomach, fears and health worries, the weak legs and off balance feeling which triggers sometimes an anxiety attack as I'm scared it's due to a brain issue or something nasty. I'm eating and sleeping well now, I had a poor diet for a few weeks during December but I'm eating well again and sleeping 7 hours a night. I due a thyroid test at the end of the month to see if I need a increase in thyroxine but fingers crossed it's stayed at a good level.

Can anyone relate to this symptom please?

Thank you.

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How you doing now? I have been having some very weird feelings of weakness and my legs feel as though they will not hold me up, let alone move at times. I struggled to get out of a supermarket the other day. Very scary. Some days I think I am getting better then it all goes belly up again. I am due to see a neurologist in Jan. I am interested to know if you have improved. I hope so. There are many things that can cause these feelings and Dr Google tells me all of them..... My sleep pattern is not as good as yours...I am also becoming very sensitive to chemical smells etc..Can you relate to this? When I get these weak feelings it really stresses me out. All the best X

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