Anxious about going into hospital next month, anyone have any advice

Hi I'm going into hospital next month for what is going to be a very painful & uncomfortable procedure & my anxiety is sky high especially as I should get the date for the procedure this week. I'm having trouble sleeping, eating & concentrating as my OCD is making me obsess about it. I just want to stay in bed & cry.


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  • Dont worry. Everything will go well. Pray to god

  • I go in Monday I am scared to death

    I am shaking all over I will be sick before Monday

  • Hi lizzy-9, I've replied to cazza 8 and maybe you might find it helpful x

  • Hello cazza8, I'm sorry your so worried and it's quite natural to feel that way even without anxiety!! A good thing to do is try some hypnotherapy and meditation. You can get lots of free apps and there are lots on you tube. Listen to the regularly and they should help to calm you down. I had a very unpleasant one recently but had some sedation!!! Usually I don't bother but I did with this one and it really helped. Hopefully you can have some sedation which will keep you calm through procedure x

  • I've started practising meditation as I'm going to need it in hospital especially as I won't be able to move for at least 6 hrs so I won't have anything else to do as there is no way I'm going to be able to sleep. Hopefully they will give me a sedative before they put IV in as I will freak out when they go to do it. At least it's only 1 night hopefully. Thanks for the advice.

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