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Headache and eye pressure whyyyy

I have a headache an eye pressure it's starting to freak me out to think something is wrong with me. I have anxiety depression and panic disorder for the last six months but it's been controlled by 20mg lexapro which was working great but now I'm starting to feel my mood going down an anxiety feelings. I really don't know if this is from my anxiety or is it just me having this eye pressure an headache I feel weird also . Please let me know if anyone else has had this!!!!

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Sinus headache can make you have headache with eye pressure. It can also make you feel light headed and off balance because of the pressure in your head. This feeling probably mimics some of the way you felt with anxiety, so naturally your going to relate to that. You might want to see your doctor to see if you have a sinus infection.

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Possibly an eyesight issue? Re headaches.eye pressure; i'd get my eyes tested; if you are feeling that the lexapro no longer works as it should i would suggest go back to your GP to discuss; you can tell him about the headaches too. Stress/anxiety can cause a headache.


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