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New to this site. It's a relief to find people who understand how I feel and not alone

I have been suffering with terrible anxiety for a few months....crazy negative thoughts about my husband dying and leaving me alone. Also facing money problems, like who isn't ? I get on the treadmill for about half hour at a high speed to get all that extra energy to subside. It seems to help for a little while but the next morning the trembling starts again. I am on bupropion and Zoloft. Not depressed just so anxious...feel like I will have to live with this the rest of my life...anyone feel like it's never going to stop?

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Sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Thinking it will never end makes it a vicious cycle though. There are a number of therapies that can help with anxiety like CBT, etc. Has you GP discussed any of the options with you, other than prescribing tablets? Being on two antidepressants at the same time is very unusual. It is unlikely they are doing anything to relieve your feelings of anxiety. My past periods of depression/anxiety have always gotten better to the point where I stopped taking any tablets at all and I'm sure this can happen for you to. Its definitely not the end of the world. Keep posting.

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Thanks for the I had a better day....hope tomorrow is a good one as well....we shall see


Theanine is a natural tablet that helps anxiety it really is best to be natural if you can.CBT therapy can help ... yoga...Pilates. ..tai chi .. meditation and mindfulness all really help too.


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