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hope i can speak to people who feel the way i do

been suffering with anxiety since a bad thing happened to me years ago each time the anxiety seems to be worse i get dizzy and skipped heartbeats and brain fog feel like its my last day on earth ive had all the checks and im healthy but inside i feel like the doctor is missing something i would do anything to feel better ive three boys and they are suffering because ive forgot how to just let myself go and have a good time :( feels so lonely feeling like this

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Hi mofo & welcome

I no how you feel & I am the same , just about had every check there is to be had on my health & it always seems to come back to anxiety

It can be so hard to believe anxiety can make someone have all these symptoms & feel so ill , but it can & it does

I no it can be hard to accept , but if we can , it does help us to stop feeling the fear & with fear comes anxiety , i no its not easy , but the more you read & chat with others on here , you will not feel so alone in how you feel & I hope this will help

Things do get better , it takes small steps , but you will get there

Keep talking & you will get lots of support :)





thank u so much for your response its funny ive everything i could ever need or want but with this u feel like the loneliest person in the world and im really fed up to the back teeth now so ive deleted my facebook and joined this instead its great reading how other people feel and see that other people feel like this to and i can finally speak to others who i can relate to even on my worst days

thank u whywhy





You keep coming on & talking & I no what you mean about feeling like the only person in the world that feels like you do , but you will soon see you are not on here :)



Hello Mofo & welcome,

you are far from alone feeling the way you do. I came here looking for advice about my daughter, she has emetophobia & health anxiety. She's 15 & has been convinced for a long time that, in her words 'There is something seriously wrong with me, they just haven't found out what yet.'

All her symptoms are attributable to anxiety &, as she has now started seeing a therapist, she is learning to accept this & the fact that she is not alone in her fears.

Keep talking here & you'll soon feel the same.

Wishing you well



Hi mofo

Babyhippo here.

You've made my day/can't stop giggling bout the facebook thing.

This is the best place to be in the certainly not alone.we are all at home reading each others post and knowing how we all feel.

We are all in this together---and you know what's so great about this? We can all relate to each others stories,without any backbiting or giggling behind your back.

ME NOT ON IT EITHER. !!! XxxxX. :-)


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