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Left arm tingling/numb, tightness, dizzy, foggy, lightheaded,


I'm sure this is a common post but if there is anyone who has shared something similar and could help me shed some light on this, it would be great.

I am a 29 year old female. I used to play a lot of sport, and although I do not anymore, I am not completely unfit. I am probably 2-3 kgs over my recommended weight according to my height, but a blood test that checked my cholesterol and iron etc, came back normal.

For the past 2 months, I've had tingling and numbness come and go in my left arm. I thought it was anxiety so I Didn't pay attention to it. One night, it got worse, and I got extremely dizzy. The next day I went to a DR, we did ECG and she said it was mostly okay. My heart beat rate is 57bpm. Blood pressure normal.

She gave me pills for the dizziness and asked me to come back if it got worse.

3 nights ago I woke up at 3am with a sudden excruciating pain in my left wrist and fingers. My hand had pins and needles and the pain lasted about 10 minutes. I took iburofen and by 5am was able to get back to sleep again.

The next day, a bruise appeared where the pain had occurred, and my forearm was swollen. This prompted me to go to the Doctor. They are sending me to a neurologist (2 weeks time) and said this probably is not to do with the heart.

I am concerned, because the tingling and numbness has been there for 2 months. I also know I have reflux and anxiety, so when I get chest pains and tightness in the chest, I usually write them off as reflux or anxiety. But now that there is this severe pain in my arm, including bruising and swelling, accompanied by dizziness, jaw pain, chest pain, chest tightness, and tingling and numbness, I am starting to panic that maybe something is being overlooked?

I thought maybe it could be pinched nerve? Or even carpal tunnel syndrome (but I am right handed and so technically it should be on the dominant side?).

Has anyone ever had anything like this where all the symptoms of heart disease/stroke seem to come at once and last for months?

sorry for the long post. Any help will be appreciated.

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Carpet tunnel syndrome maybe.

You seem healthy going by what you are saying, if doc is happy with you then don't worry.

Maybe you could do sport again it's good for anxiety.

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Hi, just to say that my young brother had the same symptoms as yourself, and it took months to discover the problem, the Carpet tunnel Syndrome was dismissed and it turns out that he has rheumotoid Arthirtis and has a lot of pain, but he has been given medication which has helped. It started in his shoulder first then down to his hands, one hand is worse than the other. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck.


ive had everyone of your symtoms except the bruiseing for the last 6 months i went to dr yesturday had bloodwork and ecg done i wasnt told any info so im thinking its ok? have to do a 24hr urine test and go for ultrasound in march. i felt better yesturday that i finaly went but now the anxiety is back about the resullts ughh so tough isnt it. hang in there hun:)


I have most of your symptoms! Have had them going on almost 4 months now.


I've the same as you .not over weight I have cirrhosis, but the tingling is on my left hand and left toes. have been referred to neurology for tests .so annoying .does anyone find even holding a mobile phone triggers it off even worse?


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