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Allergy scare Please Help

I haven't really posted on here in a very long time because I have been doing fine,

But currently I'm having a mild panic attack because I ate some strawberry Cheesecake ice cream and I guess something in it irritated the inside of my mouth because it started itching a little. I instantly scared myself into going to have a servere allergic reaction even though I've never been allergic to strawberries or cheesecake... I once called the ambulance on myself due to a panic attack after I drank some almond milk accidentally when I'm allergic to almonds, they told me I was fine and I was okay. I don't want to over react so could you guys offer some advice please ?

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Hi SvvvgeTvbuu, it sounds like it might have been the strawberries that could have irritated the inside of your mouth. How are you doing now after 15 min?

A rule of thumb when having a mild form of allergy is that it DOESN'T progress. However, should it happen that you get breathing problems along with swelling from foods or drugs, it is always wise to call the paramedics. Never feel you are bothering them when in doubt. When having a severe allergic reaction the sooner it is attended to, the better off you will be. Same goes for any new or unexpected heart pain along with other symptoms. 911 is there for you. Hope you are feeling better by now.

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Well I'm feeling a lot better now I used some mouthwash and drank some water and just thought positive thoughts and I feel a lot more relaxed

I hate when I let my mind get the best of me

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