Always assume the worst

I always assume the worst things related to health. Currently have upper stomach pain and gas moving upwards feel like burping all the time. Living in a continuous fear that this is stomach cancer and it might be anything else. google increased my fear whenever I write anything the word cancer appears to me. I fear medical checks scans and tests as i always assume they will be bad. Can't enjoy life and this obsession is always in my mind.


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  • It's terrible how we can create a bad illness for ourselves. Health anxiety is awful.

    95% of stomach cancers are in the over 55s and the younger you are the less likely it is.

    Try mindfulness and Headspace to relax, get a course of ranitidine from the chemist and go in to see your GP.

  • Hi I totally understand your feelings, I have suffered the same feelings on an off for 30 years, my heart goes out to you


  • How did u get over this?

  • I haven't I suffer still KB

  • I'm wondering if the pain I feel is magnified cuz of my worry? How can I comfort my self and remove this cancer thought from my head?

  • Hi, I just want you to know your not alone, I'm 26 and have had anxiety for 10 years but since November I have had a huge flare up of health anxiety and I keep panicking that any symptoms body is cancer. I'm here if you want to talk we could help.eachother. I'm new to this forum amd reading some posts have really helped me x

  • Yes I really want to talk. In London now flying home tomorrow. Had a terrible vacation full of pain fear and obsession

  • Hi, I have suffered from anxiety for over 15 years! But have combated it through exercise! The only thing that helps is a long run that I have had to build up to and u need to be running for a good few weeks before it's starts working. Running for at least 40 mins a day 3 times a week seems to combat the anxiety! This is obviously very annoying cos it's so hard to run when your feeling so rubbish.

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