Always assuming the worst

Why is it that (we) anxiety sufferers always seem to think its something wrong with our hearts? I've been doing pretty good for the past few months then BOOM full on panic attack! I felt a small pinch in my chest on and off at work today so I'm assuming that's what brought it on! Now I'm home I still feel this but I'm trying to keep calm, any answers to what this could be?! 😧


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  • Hi Anxietytroll, that small pinch in your chest has nothing to do with your heart. It can be coming from a pinched nerve or a pinched muscle in your back which gives you referred pain in the heart area. The less you concentrate on it, the faster it will go away.

  • Hi Agora1 I truly believe it has to come from the muscles now that u mention it! I work now as a room attendant and I'm constantly lifting folding and making beds . from all of that my neck constantly hurts

  • Anxietytroll, I remember those days when I worked in the hospital. Moving patients, making beds and then one day I felt something pull in my lower abdomen. For years I felt in on and off but knowing where it came from helped me not to worry. Try doing the same. Oh and my neck was/is bad as well. Whenever we have little pains here and there, we have to remind ourselves what we might have done to promote it. With that comes less anxiety. Feel better. Don't worry..

  • Thank u Agora1 your right less worry just been prescribed Prozac I think I will take one now I've been putting off for a few days hope it helps! Thanks again for the words of encouragement

  • I was going to write a post today with the same question! 😳 Why does Anxiety ALWAYS make us assume the worst? It's a constant thing for me & affects my Life daily. Its depressing. Anxiety makes us over analyze EVERYTHING. Especially if you have Health Anxiety like me! Anxiety feeds off of that. That's the problem. Unfortunately we are the ONLY ONES who have to find a way to over come this! Easier said than done, I get it. I battle this everyday. But unfortunately that's the reality of this mental disorder. Its a real thing & it's very scary but hopefully one day someone Will have an answer for us! I know I'm praying 🙏 for that! For right now, you need to accept the anxiety & find ways to manage it. Every episode you have & the moment you pass it, tell yourself, your mind that you did it! Your still alive & nothing is wrong with you! That will help the Anxiety ease little by little & eventually it will slowly go away because it will have nothing to feed off of anymore! ❤Hope this helps!

  • Well said LoveMeg22. Its all fear, and anxiety feeds off of it. I pray that doctors can find a way to make anxiety go away for good, so that we as humans can live our lives normally day to day.

  • Thank U 😀

  • I have been battling this demon for over 10 yrs. yes it's always the heart. Thinking that maybe it's a heart attack. How do you know if it's pinched nerve or a real heart attack. ? How do you know if it's heart burn or heart attack?

    I always when I get the pain assume the worst and always start checking my pulse. It's like a maniac.

    Since I quit alcohol, and cigarettes and started excercising and lost some weight I am almost panic attack free.

    I feel better and I don't worry abou much my heart because I know I am doing something positive for my heart so why I would get a heart attack.

    But sometimes I do get them when I overdo on the the treadmill or swimming. That thought somehow is still in the back of my head.

  • Small pinches in pain are usually always something with muscle. Remember what you said earlier in this post: You've been good for months now and this random thing happens. It's OK. It will go away. Stay calm, go about your day and you will see how quickly it will go away.

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