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Feed up :-( x

Feel awfully the panic the worry cancer tumours constantly worrying I'm seriously ill distancing myself from friends family loved ones, googling my symptoms then panic more breathing becomes difficult feeling feed up all the time constant battle at home slightest things set me of if somethings not set a right way or cleaned a right way the list goes on :-( anyone else feel like this day in day out x

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Hello & Welcome

From what you have posted you think you have or you have a fear of having cancer but you have not been diagnosed with it other than looking and asking Doctor Google

If you go on Google all you will get is the worse scenario which will feed the fear and cause your anxiety symptoms to be a 100% worse :-o

Remember Google is not " Your " Doctor does not have your medical history or can do tests on you as well as examine you so anything you read on there does not diagnose you personally

I presume you have seen a Doctor and they have no concerns you have cancer ?

Many feel like this on a daily basis , anxiety will latch on to our worse fear and the way it takes control is because we feed it by believing what it is telling us and not listening to our Doctors or any other professionals that we make contact with but we can change this , it does take time and it is not a quick fix but either with medication or Counselling we can reverse the thinking pattern we have got into , so even if you have already or even if not speak with your Doctor tell them how this is taking over your life and ask for support and slowly things will improve :-)

It is also very common that we push away the people we love the most , but they are the one's we could do with at times like this , have you spoken with them and explained how you feel ? they may not understand but if they were there for you it would be a huge help :-)

Now you have found this Community you will always have someone around that understands how you feel and knowing you are not alone can be a relief to :-)

Take Care x


Yes that's me everyday I worry and freak out about every little thing I feel. 😔

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I have the same issue now have very strong stomach pain for 15 days now and Gas coming from down to up and burping like crazy. Expecting the worse and having fears from stomach cancer. When I google I see only cancer everywhere. Symptoms are close to what I have. Scared to do anytime of investigations and negative thoughts are all over me! I need help


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