Falling down.. then get right back up and carry on !! :-)

Falling down.. then get right back up and carry on !! :-)

Bad panic attacks tonight, argument with my boyfriend.. I sometimes feel I have to do everything in our home.. cook.. clean.. chores.. look after our gorgeous boy.. I am busy all day while he just lazes about. my moods and anxiety state does cause me to be bitter, the more we row the more crap I feel.

He went to bed after doing nothing all day while I sorted everything whilst having a panic do. But I managed it, I cried I got back up and carried on, still feeling a bit crap but better.. I haven't got over a big panic like this in awhile, and still managed to eat a little.

so I carried on, made hot chocolate all round and snuggled up with my lad and did some drawing and colouring,, my best way to relax..

Tonight early night film in bed and hope for the best tomorrow,, ignoring this panic.. because that's all it was and nothing bad will happen !! there I told it,:P

Hope everyone has had a good day.. im so amazed at the support on here I feel like everytime I log on im getting a great big giant HUG! you all are amazing xxxxx



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8 Replies

  • Hey Michelle, well done you for ignoring it and carrying on:) it must be hard for you to cope with especially with a baby to care for. But as a mother myself, you just pick yourself up and get on with it. Give yourself a pat on the back hunni you've done well today:)

    Hugs xx

  • Love that pic :)

    Snap, was feeling same today, oh has week off, I'm working but still do shopping, washing, ironing, cooking , etc !!!

    Mimii xx

  • The orange is so funny ! where can I get that picture ? You are doing really well, against all odds.

  • I agree as a mum you don't have time to give in to a panic you just have to keep going. Really well done for keeping going, I love colouring I've bought myself a colouring book for adults ( it's not rude)! And some posh felt tips, it really does take my mind off things xxx

  • Phew , glad its not a rude colouring book Winter :D


  • Good night , hope its a better day tomorrow :)




  • I think this is a great blog and inspired me to write a blog.....Ive been having really bad panic days where I feel Im going mad and reading this made me realise it is just panic, and if I can manage to calm down it does subside...... which is does, so thank you for sharing and inspiring me and giving me a bit of strength to carry on

    Love Ker

  • hi michelle, so proud of you, you are really having it tough at the moment, but you are getting on with your life in spite of these awful panics you get, hope the o/h realises what he has got and tries to help and understand a bit more, stick in there girl, love newton.xxx

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