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Hello ..well every since I smoked weed for the first time back in April I haven't been the same since.. it was my first time smoking weed. I haven't smoked weed ever since that day. I feel horrible now.. I feel like I don't know where I am. Always feel unbalanced , I also feel so sleep deprived and during the day I'm just so confused and tired. I just have the constant fear everyday that something will happen and my vision gets blurry as well. I just wish I was normal again. Is this all anxiety?


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  • Hey Vanessa707, let me be the first to tell you that you're not alone at all. If you read my very first post, you will see I posted basically the same thing. But I was smoking for about 6 months and had a bad trip last November and haven't been the Same since. I suffered from derealization for about 4-5 months and intense anxiety that led to depression which I still but I am much better than I was before, except before my cycle it gets bad. Anxiety like impending doom like something bad is gonna happen all the time. I know exactly how you feel and wish I could just be back to my normal self before this happened. I never had these thoughts or feelings before and it sucks bad

  • Yes that's exactly how I feel I've had this feeling for about 8 months now and it really sucks, the whole derealization situation is what I've most had and it really does affect my mood and everything, and I feel depressed too which sucks. And I hate the fact that I have to pretend like I'm normal and act happy in front of people when in reality I feel like shit. But it's what we have to do I guess, thankyou this helps me not feel alone.

  • I know the feeling so well, it helps to talk about it though you know? Maybe someone really close to you that you can confide in, as well as here! This community is a great place! Has helped me soooo much. I also started seeing a therapist when it first happened because I felt like I was losing my mind and I was just so scared all the time and I needed professional help, still do lol, looking into cognitive therapy now. MJ isn't for everyone

  • And some people think smoking weed is safe! Id suggest get to your GP; im guessing the weed smoking has resulted in this anxiety; yes its awful i know. Ive had anxiety problems for years. You may be lucky and get given small doses of valium; talking therapies may help, but they have not got rid of my anxieties/panick attacks; certain breathing exersizes do help a bit. If you smoke, try to quit; im quitting on 2nd jan 2017. I have had enough; as if you do bad things to your body and have this anxiety disorder; its bound to make you worry more about your health; hence, bring on panicky stuff. Diet; again from 2nd jan, its changing; its gonna be so hard for me, but i have to; i already have high cholesterol. good luck .

  • I've only smoked one which was that time..I don't drink or smoke or anything. I've talked to a therapist but they don't provide much . I've talked to a phyciatrist already and she say it's all anxiety. And I certainly don't want to take any medication for it because I would rather fight this the natural way. Thankyou for the advice , good luck to you as well(:

  • Hi there I too suffer with anxiety for around 2 years now an come to think of it I started smoking weed around that time too? Do you think the weed is making me have anxiety and depression everyday I feel exhausted as if I've had no sleep it's driving me mad I feel sick shaky of balance dizzy blurred vision I've never told my doctor I smoke weed as I'm quite embarrassed about it ! I started smoking to help me sleep I only smoke it at bed time to help me sleep but I know I'm now addicted to it! And I'm worried that if I stop I won't be able to sleep but I would like to stop to see how I feel

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