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Someone please help!!!! Constant fear/worry

Hi everyone, new to this site. I'm 21 and been told I have anxiety😔 I have a constant fear of my health I always feel like there's something wrong with me, I get chest pain which can sometimes be constant, come and go or just come out of the blue! I get dizzy spells feel like everything is moving faster than me in public I sometimes feel like I'm walking in a dream 😒 my heart sometimes seem to beat fast and sometimes slower I've had enough of it I get a horrible feeling in my arms, and back pain it's horrible I've had enough! My apitie is poor I won't eat a meal of food as it feels like it gets stuck in my throat!!

I've had loads of ECG's and bloods plus a CT scan at hospital all clear! I pray everyday/night that I'm going to be ok, but always feel like rubbish sometimes my forehead feels really hot then sometimes cooler I really don't get what's happening. I've been to my GP numerous of times I've been to A&E numerous of times and they've all said anxiety and mussel spassams!

How can I get out of this? I need help, GP as referred me for counciling and been giving anti depressants.

I get really really scared well more terrified! I used to be active, happy and do a lot now I feel scared, I stay at home most days if I go out I won't go alone. I won't even stay at home alone I have this constant fear and I'm always hoping and praying everyday that I am going to be fine and nothing bad will happen!

May I ad when I'm hoping and praying for this and if i see a magpie ( one for sorrow) I never feel right I assume something bad is going to happen to me 😢😢😢 I feel like I'm going insane!

I also feel like I have to catch my breath like gasp as I get scared.. Please help someone

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Hello & Welcome :-)

Try and be reassured I know it is not easy when you are suffering but this is anxiety and not all the other things I know will be whizzing around your mind tormenting you to keep feeding the anxiety because that is what it does and be reassured that anxiety cannot kill you but is very unpleasant

From what you are saying you have Health Anxiety , did something trigger this of , did you loose a loved one or have you been under pressure , sometimes this can be the case and sometimes it just comes from no where but again be reassured there is light at the end of the tunnel and this will get better

You are young and you have had all the tests done for your heart etc all came back fine , despite your anxiety telling you they could be wrong because no doubt it will be again be reassured that they are trained Doctors and they know what they are looking for as well as what they are doing and if for one minute they thought there was anything wrong they would have had you in there , would be more than their job was worth not to but they have said all is good so again anxiety is the problem

Meds take a while to work so give them chance and the Counselling will really help , we get in a pattern of thinking and it helps us to understand why as well as reversing that pattern we have developed , meanwhile you have people on here that do understand just how it feels to have anxiety and always someone to listen which hopefully will help you to know you are not alone and can freely talk about how you feel :-)

When you get these feelings and thoughts allow them to come and as they do see them as anxiety and let them pass again and they will :-)

Take Care x


Hey stop, You're going to be fine you said it yourself all tests are clear so don't worry much, get out there and enjoy your life, live carelessly and enjoy your young years, I hope you feel better and may God bless you (:


It seems like it's all getting on top of you at the moment.

I have anxiety around being sick (weird I know) but I get scared in public in case I'm sick and have panic attack a because of it so I do feel your pain.

I am also convinced every day that I am going to be sick, deep down I know I probably won't be, but I can never be 100% sure so I still worry.

I think it might be helpful for you to think more logically about things.

Let's say your friend wants to go shopping tomorrow, and you agree to go.

You would be spending all night tonight worrying about what might happen.

Why not take a step back, make yourself feel safe (I feel safest in the bathroom, weird j know) in the bath, and walk through in your head exactly how you want the day to go - no problems, no stress, the perfect day.

Keep thinking about it, and every time you get a negative thought - replace it with a positive one (you should already have some after walking through the day in your head)

Keep your mind busy with positive thoughts, and be strict with yourself - try not to let the bad ones in. If one slips through, replace it with a positive.

E.g - I'm really scared that my chest will start hurting when I'm in Topshop tomorrow and they will have to call an ambulance.

That is not going to happen, I am going to be chatting to my friend looking at the clothes, and if my chest does start to hurt, it's OK because I know it's only my anxiety, nothing to worry about.


Hello, ok first of all how long AV you has the anxiety for? I'm new too to anxiety I started having anxiety since April just gone, I was exactly like you, terrified, scared, wouldn't leave the house, sometimes I struggled getting out of bed. I use to get dizzy spells and tight head as if there was an elastic band round my head, it was so so terrifying as like you I was very active person, enjoyed my life and had absolutley nothing to worry about.and for some horrible reason I now have anxiety, I'm but I'm not sure what has brought it on but i can only guess. Anyway first of all just think to yourself nothing bad is going to happen to you, yes you are going to feel horrible (I'm actually avin anxiety feelings right now as it happens and I feel horrible and really low and like I'm in a dream like I'm here but I'm not) but you must try to think that nothing bad is actually going to happen to you. Your heart isn't going to stop beating,your not gonna collapse n not wake up again, your not going to have a heart attack. YOU control your mind and your body, not the other way round,as hard as it is, say to yourself I will not let this beat me today, and try to be strong, I know it's going to sound strange I actually tell it to f**k off in my mind and try to just go with the anxiety and go to a room in the house sit down and try to concentrate on the breathing and taking your mind off it.go for little walks. at first I couldn't be away from the house for more then 2 hours it was horrible, but now I've actually been out full days, I've been exhausted at the end as anxiety causes u to be so so tired. Have you got a partner or ur mum to help you out. My mum use to take me out step by step, even if it was just a coffee shop or gardening place, just DONT I repeat DONT keep sat in ur house you will only go worse. Make ur self to go out it will be hard but the more u do little by little believe me it will get easier and easier.

your not alone as I thought I was, there r so many people with anxiety and depression that people don't realise, it will not go over night or even a week or a month, but u will not have this forever, as long as u keep positive and try ur best to try to carry on with the things u normally do but gradually.

U know we're we are for help. 😄 Xxx

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Yes there was a death in the family my father passed away 3 years ago due to lung cancer 😢 he had so much bad health. He actually passed away when I was cuddling him😔 I broke my heart when he passed away it really hurt.

Then there was a problem in March this year when I was eating stake (which I've eaten many times before may I add) I felt like it got lodged but I could still speak and talk properly it felt like it was stuck near my chest area. I thought I was choking 😢 (but I wasn't) ever since I haven't eaten tidy and scared to as when I swallow food it feels like it gets stuck in my throat.

I feel like everything as hit my at once it feels like there's always a problem😔 I feel like the doctors are lying to me..

When I was at A&E they did normal blood tests they came back fine my white cells was up a little bit. They did 2 chest X-Rays, loads of ECGs and a blood clot test. ECGs where all normal. BC test came back positive. So I had the injection in my tummy then a CT scan but that came back normal. Then I was relest from hospital they said them BC test isn't always true.

I'm still scared 4 weeks on that they've gotten it wrong. Since that time I've been back to GP lots of times and A&E they all say there's nothing life threatening wrong and I'm fine it's just anxiety😢😢😢😢 I've cried so many times and fed up!

I'm fed up of googling my symptoms and I want to live my life again


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