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Anxiety tension


I haven’t been on here for about 5 months I’ve been feeling quite good, which I think was mainly due to daily exercise. Now that it’s winter here in Aus I’ve stopped exercise and anxiety has returned. My newest symptom is extreme tightness in the neck, jaws and back of head, my doctor has assured me it’s nothing to worry about and has referred me to a physio. Does anyone else have this symptom can you tell me about it? I can’t stop focusing on it or worrying about it. It also seems to be on and off not constant.?

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They say its caused by stress . I feel it all the time . Like you can't swallow ?

Aazz in reply to BetterDays14

It can feel harder to swallow. But do you feel like you are making the tightness happen or it just happens?

tension is sadly a part of my world its from stress and tensing your muscles since exercising helped u although its winter why dont you exercise at home?

Aazz in reply to Cwoods

That would be the obvious thing to do right? Lol but I’m in such a state that it’s hard I have been doing relaxation yoga the last few nights and it’s great I will work my way back up to exercising as I used too. Thank you hope you are well 😀

Cwoods in reply to Aazz

your welcome im hanging in there some days are easy some days are tough its like being on a rollercoaster.

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