Trouble sleeping feeling as if I'm out of breath , freaked out

Its been two days in a row, I try hard to fall asleep and when I do I feel stuck as if I can't move and as if I'm sinking , I start to feel out of breath and I start freaking out wishing someone was around to help me but I can't do much but try to move and wake up, after this feeling is over I'm scare to even fall asleep again . This is the worst feeling ever, wondering what I should do?


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6 Replies

  • When this happens I leave the lights on and try to slow my breathing until maybe I fall asleep. It's easier to tell yourself it's okay when you can see the whole room. Best of luck.

  • Thank you so much I'll try this out!

  • i have the same problem then i crash at about 4 or 5 pm

    im worryed im not sure what to do

  • Try to listen to relaxed music and think about your favorite things to do , or what makes you happy... Its so hard but just try

  • ty

  • Hi there Aysha,

    This is a common phenomenon. I used to fear it also when I was younger. I learned that, depending on what you believe, that it is just that your body is so relaxed and your mind is almost disconnecting from your body to do what it does whilst the body rests. It's honestly nothing to worry about. Nothing bad will happen. When you feel it happening, try to relax into it and let yourself sleep. I hope this helps.

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