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Hi, I am new here

Hi, I am new here. I have always been high strung, type A, perfectionist and a 'worrier. About 5 years ago, (2011) my anxiety levels increased, just due to everyday stuff and financial concerns ( normal stuff MILLIONS of folks go through..... ). I did nothing until Mid 2014, went for help to psycologist. He diagnosed me with GAD. He tried to help with cognitive behavioral, and eventually I went on to be referred to a psychiatrist for meds. Took celexa from mid 2014 until July of 2016. I stopped taking because I thought I was 'bettter'. Fast forward to SEPT 2016, had horrible body aches, not sleeping, having trouble concentrating ( all the normal GAD stuff) . I tried to start taking celexa again in November ( took half of 20 mg, so 10 mgs) This failed, as I had SEVERE anxiety that night and suicidal thoughts after taking it. This scared me, so I did not take any more. Still had anxiety & depression, but was scared of the thoughts. I thought dose was too high and remember starting lower when I first started it. Fast forward to December 1, and I am debilitated with anxiety & depression. Thought I'd try celexa again, and same thing - bad thoughts. Went to psychiatrist Yesterday, and he prescribed Lexapro, 5 mg to start , then bump up and Buspar-2.5 to start and bump per instructions. Really struggling today. Cannot stop the churning thoughts. I know they are irrational- what if I lose my job, what if we have to sell the house....... Husband does not understand, because he worries about NOTHING. Only person that understands is my 70 yr old father. Talked to him on phone today for 3 hours. He is begging me to give meds time to work. I know this can be 'normal' with starting meds , but I am worried they will not work. I know it has NOT been anywhere near enough time, but cannot help but worrying about it.....

Well, this is why I am here.........

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You are not alone in this! I don't have any really good things to say to you because it just plain sucks but alot of people on here can atleast relate and understand! Good luck!


I totally agree with your Father, you are fortunate to have him to talk to. Meds can take up to a month to fully get into your system, for the sake of everyone around you please take them. It is hard when you have a job and are trying very hard to keep going around people who do not fully understand you. No one likes to be on medication but if we suffer with mental health issues then to remain normal this is what we have to do. Think to yourself that you will soon be on top of your illness, your husband will be happy and you will still be in employment. I myself have been on medication for over 20 years, I Cannot come off it, yes there were side effects for a few weeks but they disappeared and now I continue as normal. Although I am now retired I worked in government then was self employed no one was aware of my illness as the medication kept everything at bay. So please listen and take your meds otherwise you will just continue this course of self destruction which will test the patience of all around you😟

Let me know how you get on, I know you can do it 😊🤗


Suffering from overactive mind, when the mind is not calm it will occupy it's time by making up stories...(anxiety), spend time outside with nature, this always works for me...And give meds time...Best wishes


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