arm pain driving me nuts

Been having really bad pains in both arms for a counble of weeks now..Tonight seems to be the worse. Feels like my armd are heavy than this achy feeling dony know how to explain the starts from top of my shoulder where my arm start down to my fingers. It really does hurt and of course freaks me out..

is it my nerves causing it? muscle tension? What??

Gods peace



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11 Replies

  • The best thing to do would be to see your doctor about it. Put your mind at rest, try give them a call tomorrow.

  • its always anxiety related as soon as i tell the doctors that i have anxiety...Been to the emergency room 3 times in the last 2 months but was for burning pain in my sternum and under left breast diagnoses acid reflux.

  • I understand but it still needs checking out because most people on here would probably be guessing as to what it might be and that's not really helpful!! You need someone who is qualified to give you a diagnosis.

  • I get it sometimes when my anxiety is flared up i think mine is due to muscle tension i always tense my shoulders shoots I'm tense everywhere lol

  • i am always stiff aswell and pains everywhere this is new though been having it for a few weeks on and off but when i press on my muscles on my shoulders it really hurts

  • I think its anxiety im now taking magnesium supplements its also good for your muscles and for anxiety i know how u feel i too always have pains everyday not one day goes by that im not having some type of pain and the muscle tension.

  • I forgot to take my magnesium and my muscle tension had gotten out of control, especially in my legs and feet and arms

  • which magnesium are you taking Cwood?

  • Tripple magnesium i would have to get the brand name

  • It does suck that once you say you have anxiety they automatically say it's because of it... I get chest pain and it really is uncomfortable

  • yeah maube if i go in and say i broke my arm but i do have anxiety they would also say yeah its

    But yes chest pains also one of my daily pains..

    Everyday it feels like a battle of the mind and its just so crazy.

    I pray for all off you.

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