OCD with numbers driving me nuts!!

I really hate the number 8!!!! It's driving me insane!!!! It's everywhere I look. Even in my dreams!! In my dream this morning, I saw the number 2024. When I woke up I had sudden anxiety as to why that number was in my dream. Will something bad happen to me in 2024, will something bad happen period? There is also a possibility something amazing will happen that year but my mind won't all me to believe that. Then I thought about it 2024 equals the number 8, and that year I'll be 38. Like is it just me???? Can this really just be anxiety related OCD over this number???? A year ago today I was NOT like this at all. Never even paid attention to nunbers like this until after my first panic attack 2 months ago. Can somebody please help me?!?????


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  • I never thought id develop ocd but after 4 years of panic and anxiety attacks I have got it I have health anxiety so all I worry about is having serious illness thats driving me insane lol im not sure about the ocd numbers I just seem to clean and check plug sockets and doors I dont ever go out on friday the 13th tho I do believe something bad will happen to me on that day so I always stay in.

  • My first panic attack which was marijuana induced happened on Friday the 13th of November last year. But for some reason the number 13 is still not scary to me. But the number 8 and any number with 8 drives me crazy. For example, you just responded to my post at 12:08. It's like the number knows I hate it so it's torturing me smh

  • Are you from america

  • Yes I am. What about you?

  • Im from kent in the UK.

  • Oh okay Cool!!!!! Well nice to meet you Lauren!! My name is Ry

  • Nice to meet you too. :)

  • All I can think of is face it! Face the great number ... Maybe put a certain amount of m&m's in front of you and count them, but add one more, and then keep adding more! Because it's just a silly number. Sometimes seeing something in front of you and having control over it helps. I hope this helps! I'm always counting, it's so exhausting, I could how many pumps from the soap dispenser, 3! And the shampoo pump as well, 3! I always count 3 or 5, when I catch myself doing that, I promise myself that I won't count next time. Oh the silly things that drive us nutsy!

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