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Help me plz

I seriously need to know what to ask my doctor to test me for or look for.. last 3 weeks I can barely eat don't kno weither it is due to the sickness of my stomach or the thought of something being wrong with my throat.. I'm sick to my stomach due to I'm no I get that the first trimester is the worst. But I can't even think about eating or drinking anything. This has never happened before.. I go to eat or drink I gag I choke on my own saliva I feel like my breathing is off.. feels like my throats is so small that I can't swallow the food or drinks has got to the point everything I think about eating turns my stomach.. I keep trying to say I saw the ENT and he said no masss or obstruction I had barium swallow and nothing but I'm not conveniences there is nothing wrong with my swallow reflux and my throats..

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Hi. Just tell your Dr what you've posted here and let them decide what to test you for.

I'd like to strongly urge you to try and relax your mind. The more wound up you get, the sicker you'll be.

You also mentioned something about "the first trimester" ... are you pregnant? It wasn't clear in your post. If you ARE pregnant, speak with your healthcare specialist about your symptoms.

Try not to stress. Get the answers you need and do ALL you can to relax. Be kind to yourself.

Best wishes.


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