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My eyes.. I keep staring in space

I dont know if this happens to any of you but, my family does it, 'staring in space' like ur just looking at something and thinking about something else.. And its kinda blury, kinda like day dreaming..

Does that happen to you guys? And often?

Because it's been happening to me way too often.. Idk if im going cross-eyed or something wrong with my brain.. ? Ahh.. Its bothering me.

And also, not every day but every other day, i am apparent to my heart, like i can feel it beating..

Kinda fan feel it in my throat.

So any of you experience this?

I've been to the doc & they claimed nothing is wrong.

They said I'm healthy just have anxiety.. But this eye thing is new & scaring me..

Take care all of you!

Vic xo

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Hey Vic

Yes it is anxiety, I've experienced this on many occasion !!!

Trust what your doctor says babes. Anxiety does this to us but the trick is to except its anxiety and concentrate on the good things in life:)

I know it's hard at times and you have to fight with this dude ( anxiety) but trust me you will come out on top:) Hugs xxxx


Yah thank you


Hi Vicky,

Feeling your heartbeat round your collar bone is normal. :) It's probably normal to feel it around any part of your body cos remember it's your blood pumping round. When we have anxiety, this can make our heart beat stronger too, which might be why you've noticed it now. :)

The trance like state (staring into space) is normal, is happens to me and quite a few others I know a lot too. :)

(((Hugs))) xxxx



I have this too i also went to the doc and they said i was fine. But then the things with the statred happening i thought it was brain tumor, crazy i know. But this is just what anxiety is. Dont worry this is nothing youll be fine.



Hey Vic,

I just experience this my self and I googles "stare into space" and this article came up. I do stare off into space often and my vision blurs and I feel like my eyes are going to cross. I have no idea why this keeps happening. I have been feeling very stress lately... well for a longtime actually, lots of highs and lows.  Maybe it is anxiety, I have been trying to treat* this by drinking coffee but from reading the comments I assume it is making it worse? IDK if anyone on here has some insights on how to fix this please share. I know this thread is 2 years old so maybe you have some insight since you posted this. I feel like this might just be another thing I have to get used to. 

At least I know I am not alone in this, I guess that is something.

Best wishes! 


Vic I get to same thing and it affects my quality of life. Very annoying. It usually feels like my eyes are turned around and looking right back at myself, especially when I'm around people. Cheers.


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