Everything hitting at once no control

Been out of work know for two years have osteoarthritis in both knees major depression anxiety and Epstein barre at the same time a lot of losses that I am having a really hard time getting over it is over coming me and I don't want to do anything but sit home I have lost 15 pounds and can't sleep cause my mind is racing all the time


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  • Hi Law62, These life stressors have now taken over your life and you need some help. Maybe a little medication to help for a short time while you get into some therapy. Epstein barre along with your medical issues and losses need to be addressed. I hope you will see your doctor soon. My best.

  • Have to be careful what I take

  • Probably being in pain brings you down ., my sister waiting on a hip replacement at the moment & she is low , which very unusual for her., but not being able to do the normal everyday things etc., she found it hard to sleep ., we got her some kalmassure magnesium of ebay seems to be working , if you don't sleep your mind will race & lack of sleep will make everything worse, hope it helps good luck x

  • Hello I'm Rene and I fully understand wer ur coming from hunny... It does get better with a little help medication fluorextine... Some Aqua for ur osteo is amazing my joints r so much better...

    I wish you well but please don't sit at home get out and trust me u will feel and c the light God bless Rene xx

  • Have to b careful of what I take. Can't take a lot of drugs

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