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Pain in head suddenly come on panicking badly

Okay so this may be long, so if you can stick around to read it and give me some reassurance or if you've had something like this it'll help a lot, I do post a lot here I hope it doesn't annoy anyone and I can't thank anyone enough who helps me and continue to help. Anyway:

20 btw

Over the past few days I've been fine, the odd sharp pain here and there but that's easy to deal with but today, there's a certain area on my head that's just started to hurt its diagonal from the top of my ear to the middle of my skull. It feels like someone's pushing it as hard as they can and hurts just a little when I touch it. Alongside this however it hurts from where my neck area is Almost as if it's my neck muscles causing it (I have muscle problems and need physio) now me being me it hurting has caused an extreme anxiety attack I'm going to die. And I'm worried sick.

The other problem was my jaw, it cracks out of place and it's Costantly cracking and I move it constantly throughout the day to kinda make it feel like it needs to move into place. He said I need to see a dentist could be TMJ he said I showed no flags I hadn't been sick nor do I pass out its the same pain and the same thing I'm thinking its musculae related and jaw I also have bad sinuses

Back and forth to the doctors for over for months about same problems, pressure on side of head, dizziness slightly, and my neck and back muscles hurting and being tense. It's weird whatever side the pressure is in my head or the pain, my neck muscle will always hurt on that one side it's never the same side. The doctor said this was reassuring.

But the pain I'm experiencing now feels almost burning and someone pushing it?! But hurts from my shoulder up to the spot am I going to die it burns a bit and I keep touching it its come on all of a sudden It literally is from my shoulders to the back of my head. It's causing panic attacks please don't say it's bad

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Ollybolly, you've been back and forth to the doctors and they have found nothing organically wrong so you can be reassured that your problems are not some life threatening illness but are in fact all the result of nervous tension caused by too much introspection that resulted in high anxiety and the sensitisation of your nervous system. If you can learn to relax and accept the symptoms as nothing serious and will pass in time then your anxiety levels will reduce and all these aches and pains will also begin to pass.

I know of two ways to relax: take a deep breath whilst counting to 4, pausefor a second or so, breathe out slowly whilst counting to 6, pause and repeat several times. This releases hormones/chemicals that help to relax and calm you.

The other way is to sit quietly for a moment or two and imagine every muscle in your body relaxing, feel them relaxing in your arms, your legs, your chest, everywhere. And then imagine you have a muscle in your brain and imagine that muscle relaxing too, and when you have achieved this state of relaxation just enjoy it for as long as you are able and there is every good reason to expect that you will begin to feel the pains and pressures you feel in your scalp, your neck, your back and elsewhere and your dizziness begin to ebb away. These are all well known symptoms of anxiety which many here have experienced, be reassured they are not unique to you. Try the two relaxation methods I have mentioned as I am confident that practiced regularly they will help in your recovery.

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Just read this as shock. I have a virus and getting pains everywhere this helped me so much. I don't know why but I ask the same things and I need different advise thank you for taking the time to read it and reply I do appreciate this. I really need to start sleeping better as I only get about 4 hours


Ollybolly, the pains caused by the virus will stop when the virus passes, your other pains and panic attacks which are part of nervous sensitisation are not organic in origin, they're not going to cause you permanent damage or death, and you will only overcome these in the long term if you stop fighting them and start accepting them for the time being. If you can accept them you stop first fear causing secobd fear which fuels the nervous sensitisation. By practicing Acceptance you starve the nervous symptoms of the fuel that they thrive on.

There's a book about all this, it's the book of books for people recovering from nervous illness, written many years ago but stillsold on Amazon because the method it teaches continues to help hundreds of thousands of people. In the U.K. it's called 'Self help with your nerves' by Doctor Claire Weekes, in the U.S. published as 'Hope and help with your nerves'. I strongly commend it to you, it will describe all the symptoms you're experiencing - abd explains how Acceptance will overcome them and how to achieve Acceptance. It will bring you reassurance and set you on the road to recovery.


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