Head pain

Head pain

Looking at me you would never think that I would have to deal with the same crap day in day out. I'm so fed up to the point I have to drag my little bum out of bed I'm so down. Right now I'm sat massaging my head because that's the only way the pain will go. It's a awful dull hurtful pain in one side of my head at the top. The only thing I ever think of is something so dramatic like a stroke or bleeding from the brain😭 That's all I ever do think of the worst always. I am so so sick of doing this. Does anyone have any advice or comforting things to say. Attached a pic of me. Just so people know who they're having a chat to. As I always wonder what people on here look like xxx


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  • You are beautiful. But I get dull tention headaches but in different places if my head quite often and I also get like a feeling like my head us releasing something like blood I guess and it makes me even more nervous because it feels like the next thing will be a tumor or brain anurism or like you say a stroke. I pray and pray and pray. I do feel like if I keep talking about it I'm gonna cause myself to have one for real and even that thought makes me scared. It just never stops because I constantly think the worst. Its hard to believe the mind can do all this

  • Thank you!!!! And it is actually unbelievable to think that anxiety is all in the mind ! And myself makes it worse ! I think about the little aches and pains far too much but at least I know this! And I'm not scared to admit it xxxx

  • Hi Emily my name is Izzy so i wont have to write so much about me u can read my story by clicking on my page. So i would also get a lot of head achs. Have u got a MRI or something to check out your head? I also think the worst about any little thing i feel but the meds im takeing have been helping thank God! Have u talked to your doctor about what u feel? I hope u feel better!

  • Yeah I'm on propanlol I have been for 2 years now. In a way I wish I never ever ever got put on meds because now I'm HOOKED completely and I depend too much on them! I don't ever want to change meds either because I don't want to be on them at all I want to be able to beat this myself ! And I'm sooo scared to even take antibiotics never mind new anxiety meds ! I've been really wanting my full body checked like bloods etc. Would I just go to my GP I'm scared incase they laugh at me that's what they normally do x

  • I get headaches all the time and with the anxiety ones whatever painkiller you take it doesnt work. The pain will not go until you tell yourself its nothing. If you are worried you should have it checked out.

  • Yes I get this I currently have it right now it's a dull ache on the top right of my head and feels like someone is pushing my head down in the one spot

    Not to mention the fullness feeling in my head as well

    I stress out over the little things just like you but it is best to seek advice from your doctor as it will also put your mind at rest :)

  • Hi EmilyR1997, you look calm, cool and collected. Who would know? Being on this forum has made me start wondering how many people we meet might very well be going through the same thing we do. Feel better. x

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