Just Remember

Hi everyone,

I heard something great on the radio today that got me thinking and . thought I would share with all of you.

We tend to think if the worst with this thing we call anxiety. but do you remember when anxiety wasn't an issue for you? Or do you remember when you had anxiety then it came back, and now your trying to get back to it again?

I'm here to challenge you on one thing and that is to "Just Remember"

You've all had lives where anxiety was not an issue. So why not think and hope for those good days to return? Easier said than done, right? But here's the funny part... If you've had it once you can have it again!

Stop dwelling on, this hurts, I feel this, this wont go away... When you do these things to are magnifying the problem. Instead, Just Remember how the good days were and how great the new upcoming days are going to be. Wake up and shout "Today is going to be a great day!" start believing it and you will see how quickly things begin to turn around.

What am I saying? When you remember what used to be you can start to hope for and work towards those things again. Not only does this give you hope it stops you from thinking about the negative thats going on.

A little thought for the day and for moving forward. You're all strong people who just in a valley right now but for every valley theres a mountain top and as long as you remember the good days from before you can get ready and have good days now.



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  • Thanks so much! Needed this today πŸ™‚

  • Great post Devin. Thanks..

  • Like it Devin76oh and did this a lot myself when practising acceptance and not analysing things to death or worrying which just feeds the anxiety. In the beginning, I felt so overwhelmed by it all, I couldn't see the wood for the trees and spent all my time trying to fight the anxious thoughts. I believed them and spent ages trying to rationalise the thoughts instead of paying them no respect. I was trying to fix my anxious thoughts with an anxious brain. Something akin to putting out a fire using petrol. Aint never gonna happen!

    I knew that I never used to think and feel this way which helped me to see that it was just the anxiety playing tricks on me. Once you genuinely believe that it is a pack of lies, you lose the fear and acceptance becomes much easier. Your attitude changes from fearing the symptoms to not caring about them.

  • It was actually one of your posts that helped me realize this. I was doing fine with the methods I was using (faith being my #1). Then I read on of your posts that put me over the top. It litteraly happened in an instant and I didnt feel afraid anymore.

    It comes and goes of course but my goodness how the difference can be when you don;t pay attention to it and just let it be. Truly liberating. =)


  • 😊😊😊😊

    Just glad that I was able to help in some way.

    Setbacks are part of the recovery process but these too will melt away. I found the symptoms I disliked the most, hung around the longest but they became more of a nuisance instead of being show stoppers because there was no longer the fear factor.

    Hope you have a great Christmas with your loved ones.



  • Wonderful post thank you x

  • How can you ignore the anxiety in the pit of your stomach???

    I am trying very hard to do just that but it keeps coming in waves and I'm sooooo tired and fed up of feeling this way!

    I have an amazing family and job why now why me!!!

    Sorry so tired of fighting 😒

  • Are you eating? Are you eating regularly?

    That is just it. Stop fighting. You don't need to. It will go awy when you stop feeding it your concerns.

  • This is so true Devin, I myself have anxiety and depression and panic attacks, and everytime I feel stressed and worried it comes on. Last weekend I came down with a sore neck and feeling nauseous and straight away I thought it was meningitis. Seriously, it just turned out to be a virus and even now I still have the sore neck and a feeling of unsettleness in the stomach, has anyone else come down with this. Please let me know someone. Thanks

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