Brain tumour

Hi all, since my panic attack on Monday my vision and headaches have been bad, I have seen two doctors and they assure me everything is fine and today I also had an eye test, they told me I need reading glasses for my left eye only +0.5 though. That's all they found, should this be enough to convince m all else is well and my fears are in my head? I still have mine fog and my vision is still slightly odd. Is this all my anxiety? 3 days is a long time for it to last I feel.. but I have been anxious and body scanning on my head and eyes since then. I also still grind my teeth all day long which can affect these areas too right? Has anyone else had the brain tumour fear, I've concurred my heart attack fears but now this one is killing me!!


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  • I've had MRI's done, with and without contrast. and nothing was found. I stil have headaches. Dull ones but they are there. They made me feel out of it at times but I just move one. Thats what needs to happen in order to get over anything really . Don;t let it control you you.

  • It's very strange. It's not even a headache it's like my hair is moving and it startled me then I notice my vision is still sortorted. 3 days now I just thought that as long for a symptom to last!!

  • I've had the same thing. Like tingly feeling on the top if your head sometimes. I've had for a long time. Get used to it or it goes away on its own.

  • Worries about brain tumours and heart are probably the commonest posts on this site and yet everyone has normal tests and no evidence to support their concerns. Be reassured that this is your mind playing tricks on you and try and stop these destructive introspective intrusive thoughts.

  • Is it common for thee problems to persist the whole time we are thinking about it? I'm trying to think of when I had heart anxiety. My chest would always ache. Now it never aches! It's so easy to see it's anxiety but so hard to accept! Mine is my right side above my ear and on the top of my head. Neck is sore too! With some dodgy vision! Worried about aneurism or stroke or tumour! :(

  • Hi Sandy

    If you can quit worrying that the symptoms may be something else other than anxiety, the symptoms you fear and worry about will go away. People keep posting about their symptoms because they dislike them intensely which is another way of describing fear. Worry and fear feeds your anxiety and you aren't giving your mind and body the space it needs to heal and make you feel much calmer in general. Learn to be comfortable about feeling uncomfortable which is accepting that all the wonderful symptoms you are exoeriencing are a by product of anxiety and not be impressed by them. Treat the symptoms of anxiety the same way you treat a common cold. The symptoms may make you feel yucky but you don't dwell upon them too much or worry about how and why you feel like death warmed up. You simply carry on with your day and you get better without doing very much. You know you have a cold which makes it easier to accept instead of worrying if it's something else. Put all your symptoms in a box and label it "anxiety." Do the same if any new ones appear.

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