Feeling sick all of the time

I don't know why but for over a month now I've been feeling kinda stomach sick and I've had a lot of pleme and It feels as if I'm choking on it, it really frightens me because the stomach sickness has been on and off but the pleme seems to be permanent. I do have seasonal allergies but I take allergie pills for that. Could this possibly be because of the odd weather, or anxiety, I don't know, if anyone has something similar going on or has any input on this please comment it would be very appreciated.


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  • Anxiety can cause you to lower your appetite and cb leave you feeling sick due to worrying all the time. The more you think about it the more it will be there. Try and relax and forget about it and then you'll hopefully see it was all in your head.

  • Thank you

  • Thank you

  • Could be a lil of each.

    Post nasal drip could be the culprit for the nausea, phlegm upsets the stomach.

  • Okay thank you

  • Atleast the phlegm is coming up which is good. What colour is it ?

  • It just feels like I have a lot of plume in my throat but when I try to get it up it's just saliva

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