In a terrible state

I have woke up this morning absolutely sweating heart rate was quite quick and justness generally petrified. Is it possible to get anxious during the night? I've grinded my teeth an awful lot too. Yesterday I was scared of falling asleeep too. I'm in absolute pieces at the moment. A bag of nerves. I dunno what's wrong with me but it must be something serious, just need to wait to find out what!


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  • Hello sandy, I know the feeling well. It is nothing serious it's just your subconscious at night taking over and can give you so many symptoms. I had this on and off for a year and it really is awful so I feel for you, but it's nothing that can't be sorted. You need to try to relax your mind as much as you can , give yourself an hour a day to relax and let your mind settle down. Magnesium tablets worked a treat for me aswell they just calm you down enough to feel normal again. Try to be as healthy as you can and your body will deal with the symptoms much better. Drink plenty of water and try not to pay too much attention to how your feeling as this will bring more on. Grant x

  • Thank you grant. I dunno what's going on with me but it's really affecting my eyesight at the moment and concentration. Whenever I leave my house I just get very very spaced out and I'm generally scared of living now. I just do not know what to do anymore!

  • I felt like that pal, it's nothing serious I promise, I ended up with health anxiety because I thought I had a brain tumour or cancer or anything really bad. I felt like I wasn't connected to my body and really dizzy even if I just turned my head a bit too fast. The dizziness passes but you NEED to get on with life and stop dwelling on things. I feel absolutely fine now and when I was going through it sometimes I didn't want to be here.i wish somebody told me at the time that it's nothing to worry about and then I wouldn't have had such a crap year. I don't know what your diet is like but when I started eating healthy and getting my vitamins I felt so much better. The key to recovery is to be as positive as you can!!

  • I need to sort my diet out. I'm seeing a PT tonight to help me. Mine started because of my heart and now I got a headache the other day and a burning face I'm now fixated convinced I'm Having an An aneurism or tumour. My vision is so distorted and I can't concentrate on anything! It's so scary. But I haven't worried about my heart I suppose... what's going on!!!

  • I have had a lot of attacks during the night . it's very possible especially when I fell asleep and woke up in a panic it came along with a cold sweat and fast heat rate ..

  • But it's nothing that will harm u.. it's just hella miserable😫😩

  • Thanks vicky. I've finally signed myself off of work. I need to see if this will help me. I've also got an eye test today as I'm worried about my sight. My left eye feels bruised this morning. I can't explain how I feel. My whole body just feels different. Like butterflies feeling! :( oh lord, how are you today?!

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