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Terrible episode

So I have a serious problem. I keep thinking i'll die. It started off last December after there was a shooting in a school. It terrified me. I was so scared of going to school. I missed alot of it. And since then I have these "attacks" where I fear I'll die. It's all in my head but the symptoms are insane. I fear I'm being forced out of my body. My heart beats so fast and I can't breathe and the fear makes my eyesight go weird I feel I'll faint. I'll shake really bad. And I'll scream. And then it'll be fine in a little while. I've been trying to remove all thoughts and I wad successful and alot better and today I had anot her attAck. I was going to get myself a glass of water and the french thought came that "I will die if i step out" and I was so scared andni had an attack. And my feet afterwarss feel all numb and like heat is coming off them. Idk how to deal with this. There are no shrinks I know in my country who are well equipped to deal with this and every doctor says its anxiety and gives me same meds and meds make me feel worse. So idk what to do. 😔

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Well I don't know where you are but any place that can supply meds is almost certainly set up for counseling. It is hard here to get referred to specialist help but quite easy in my experience to get something more general like a talking therapy. If you are still in school are there adults who can support you, if not take a friend to see the doc with you, sometimes it is hard to be strong when the doc is holding forth.

I'm no expert but meds alone in my opinion don't get to the cause of anxiety and if you want to explore any psychological issues them I think that should be encouraged!

By the way I have to avoid a lot of news etc because reading or seeing the slightest upsetting thing can set me off on a cycle that lasts a long time.


haha I just graduated and my friends are off in different places. And I'm home because I haven't got accepted anywhere yet. So that's making me mad too. I avoid things too. But that was global. It was a massacre and it disturbed me so badly. Even now.


Hi there I am sorry you have experienced this, what you now suffer from is post traumatic stress syndrome, men who have been to war suffer from this or anyone who has had to fear for their life. You do need counselling to get past this, wishing you well.


Ohh No. I didn't experience that thank God. And no I searched ptsd. I thought I had ptsd too. But nope I just have severe anxiety about everything. Not just that one news. About everythin. Specially about dying. Saw alot of dying this year. 😔


Definitely seek a counselor even if outside your county!! Ask your school guidance counselor or any sensitive adult who knows something about this for advice as to where you can get that help. I am praying for you right now! Remember that you are a good person whose scared but still a good person.


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