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Slow Heart Rate and Chest Pain

Hello. I'm 26yo, 5'9" and 197lbs. I've suffered from health anxiety most of my late teen and adult life. A little over a month ago, I had a panic attack like none I've ever had before. I went to the ER and had the whole work up- EKG, blood testing, etc. Since then, however, I've noticed my resting heart rate hover anywhere between 53-60BPM and I've been feeling some minor chest pains. The pains are generally sharp and fleeting, but a few times I've felt a long lasting dull pain in the center of my chest. I've had an echo done a few years back and countless ekgs and blood tests, all of which have come back normal. The doctors didn't seem concerned about my low RHR but I still feel as though my being overweight and mainly inactive doesn't allow for me to logically have such a low RHR. Should I be concerned?

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You will be "concerned" no matter what we all say. That's how anxiety works. It is. Not logical. Rhb can be low with obesity


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