Health anxiety?

So iv have noticed that any time I get a weird pain or find a new mole, I start freaking out about it could be a heart attack or it could be cancer.. and it sends me in to a bad panic or an attack. can any one give some pointers on how to redirect your thoughts when these things happen? lately chest pains have been the thing that sets it off and I'm pretty sure the pain is from anxiety iv had a few test done on my heart and they have come back fine..


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  • Hey I have health anxiety too :) I had CBT a few months back and spoke to a specialist. He told me the worst thing is to avoid the thoughts. Acceptance is the start. You kinda need to accept that you have a fear when it comes to your health and face it head on. When you're worrying about a pain etc it can be scary cause you don't know if it's something to worry about or whether it's just you panicking. All you need to do is thing logically like... okay I have this pain, when did I last see my doctor? What did he/she say? Does any of these things I'm worrying about run within my family? If you answer those and still worried then perhaps see the doctor but chances are it will just be your anxiety :) Hope this helps a little

  • First of all you need to change the way you think. Think positive and say sentences out loud to yourself. Say everything you need to hear. I am fine. This is only a mole. I'm not having a heart attack . I am fine. Sometimes we make our sick, by the things we say, and the way we think. My auntie always say there is power in the tongue.

  • What kind of chest pain? I've been getting the same thing for a week now , the pin is above my left breast & sometimes I worry more about it and my heart starts to go fast and I freak out

  • The pain kinda differs from day to day some days it feel like a burning and other it's like someone punch me in the chest mostly above my breast

  • If you are worried speak to your doctor. Mine has erred on the side of caution and sent me for tests to rule out anything serious. Its ok to get moles checked out too.

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