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Maybe.. maybe not?

Do y'all ever wonder if this is really anxiety? Like most days I'm not anxious.. I just feel really bad like run energy...I feel dizzy... my heart always feels weird and I have palpitations like everyday. I feel like i just want to go to bed.. I ache all over

I just don't know.. every time I talk to my doctor he pretty much says your fine take more of your klonopin. What. I just don't understand it and I'm so ready for this feeling to leave my body and feel good again.

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Hi Sunshine002, Maybe at the very beginning of my anxiety I felt that there was something more sinister going on. As time has passed and I became more familiar with the symptoms, I know it is anxiety playing it's grueling game. But I'm winning..


It's so crazy like some days I can say to myself... yep this is anxiety and get on with my day. And then other days it's like I find myself trying to diagnose everything going on. I really need to accept that this is anxiety and that I'm just fine. But it's so so hard 😢


Sunshine002, oh I know how difficult it is at convincing ourselves it's anxiety. When it's the same variety of symptoms over and over it's not worth the energy to try and diagnose what it really might be. It's anxiety pure and simple. The thing is, as Beevee has said many times, is to ACCEPT the symptoms as being harmless. In one ear, out the other kind of mentality. The more you do that, the less you will worry and the frequency will diminish. It may be hard at the beginning but believe me the prize at the end is so worth it. Take care.


Thank you. I'm gonna really try that 🙂


I can relate to that answer Agora 1 at first thinking all types of things but after years of same symptoms I finally accept it's anxiety and just roll with it


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