Friends or not?

It amazes me just how many friends leave once you disclose your anxiety issues! Its times like this I realize that they aren't true friends after all, this may be due to lack of understanding? but whatever the reasons, I'm truely disappointed and upset that they don't seem to care, I'm just so thankful to everyone here, you all give me strength and hope, without this forum I'd feel completely alone, your all amazing in your own right xxxxx


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  • I have a small group of friends who are starting to understand about anxiety most of them thought I was just joking to not go out or visit I lost so many but the few I have are like my family It does suck that I lost some even lost a gf because she refused to understand. All of us here care about you! Hope you take care :)

  • I've have friends who just won't talk about it once I've mentioned it It makes me feel really sad that it is still has such a stigma

    I'd love someone to say "How are you today" meaning my anxiety but they never do

    I have a friend who has just split up with her husband and it's all really horrible I have listened every single day for months we "chat" by text or email but when she has asked how I am and I mention anxiety she never makes any response it's just ignored

    I wouldn't wish anxiety on my worse enemy but I do wish that everyone could just have it for one day it would all be so different

    You aren't alone on here we all understand and we are all brave amazing people 😄

  • Thank you for the replies, means alot that people take time to answer, I too have a friend who's needed a shoulder many times and I've always been there regardless of how I've been feeling myself, yet she rarely even asks how I am, ive been off work for several.weeks and no one has been near, its not all doom and gloom though as it's identified who my real friends are and.infact has opened my eyes somewhat, :-) xxx

  • I'm sorry you have been poorly and off work and hope you are feeling better now

    There are lovely caring people too and they are true friends

    Take care 😘

  • Thankyou, wishing you well too, sometimes a few kind words mean so much :-) xxx

  • And you too I'm almost recovered now but I can count on one hand the friends who have helped me through it over the years

    Now don't you go feeling alone again You just post and have a chat


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