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I had a dream that my mother died and i was crying so hard in my sleep that it woke me up. I wasn't able to sleep anymore and I've been having this feeling of doom ever since. I can't shake it. I keeppraying, i talked to my mom this morning and she was well but this feeling is ruining my day. I have to go to my son's banquet in a few minutes but I'm afraid that I may have a panic attack. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you

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Dreaming about someone dying is translated to mean a new birth. Don't worry, happiness is coming your way!


I'm praying for you. Whenever fear comes into your mind, turn your focus on God by remembering that He is always with us and knows everything about us. He already knows your needs. You will be ok.

Amen! Thank you so much

Kenya, here is a website that has helped me so much to deal with fear and anxiety. It explains fear anc anxiety and offers a way to obtain peace in your mind through God's message of love and forgiveness . Go to graceandsanity.org". You will find free topics to download and listen to by Pauline Holmes, Phd. There is a "Fear" series on the web radio section tab that if you click on it you can listen to the "Fear" series. May this be a blessing to you. With God all things are possible.

Rejoice that it was just a nightmare. You let off some steam in your sleep. Your fears can now relax. Everything is fine. Pray and breath and look around and see all you are thankful for. The banquet will be so much fun and will be a beautiful distraction.

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Awww, thank you so much

Hey Kenya just a bad dream when i get dreams like those as i wake i pray and just ask God to protect and guide whoever it is that i dream about your mom is fine go to the banquet and have a awesome time.

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