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Dream land

I've been having a lot of trouble recently with sleeping, but now it seems like reality is a dream... I worry about day to day things but not like I am now. Its been like this for nearly a year.

Recently I went to the shop, and for no reason all these thoughts run around in my head and I feel myself spinning and feeling sick, and I feel like I am in a dream ... This happenes about 3-4 times a day and sometimes I faint. My doctor doesn't know what is happening to me and they can't find anything on the internet either. My doctors have put it down as an extreame case of anxiety, as I've suffered with it for 2 years and it's just getting worse.

Can anyone relate? I am seriously worried as I am only 16:(

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List all symptoms you have




Hot and cold spells,

I can never sleep,

My heart beats faster,

I hate talking to people and hate going outside,

Non stop worrying and feeling sick,

And I can never bring myself to say what I want to say, I just keep myself to myself


Any chest or back pains


Only sometimes in my chest, but I try to ignore it


Even if you dont like to talk to people try talk to them!1

And explain some of them your problems and some of them might understand yuor problem!!

You can go out and play your favourite sport, that will feel really good, believe me this is the best way to reduce anxiety!!

It will also help with you being social and in initial stage you might feel like stopping playing but keep doing that!!

You will feel great and try consulting psychitriast!!

And stay closer to whom who understand your condition!!!


I have this except I've never passed out as I have a fear of passing out and do everything to prevent it!!


And it's currently 2am and I've not sleep since not last night but the night before except i had a short nap yesterday, I have really bad insomnia :(


I'm scared of dying, and every night that's all I think about. I always think about what happens when we die, do we think? Is it darkness? And it is 2:10am here:(


I keep thinking horrible things too, I'm having constant panic attacks in the night and never sleeping and my parents won't help me!! :( it's horrible


I just need sleep, but I am scared of dying in my sleep. And I over think and my head spins and then my head hurts, and I actually feel like I am dying. So I am scared to sleep:(


I have this problem with sleeping.... I'll force myself to stay awake until my partner goes to bed ill lay there until he goes to sleep but if I drop off I'm ok... By the morning If i haven't had any sleep ill wait and wait until my partner home then he can watch me sleep

As I'm scared of dying


I just had a huge panic and now I'm lying in bed all anxious again. I'm so tired that I'm not even fired anymore if that makes sense urgh I just need sleep?!!!!!




This was me last year. Ignore it. It just means you are too anxious, i PROMISE YOU. Tp get it gone, you have to accept it. Go out.SEE that nothing happens.


Mollie, stay strong I have been through all these things and it all boils down to fear. You won't die I promise that. It is said that fear of death is unreal. There is something much greater beyond this life. Do not fear. As for the way you are! You are a hypersensitive. I have been this all my life. They call it being an empath. If you need to talk I am here. Peace and blessings to you. Brian

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