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Lightheaded and dream-like state

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Hi. I'm a 13 year old female and I haven't been feeling well for around the last 2 years. I constintly feel lightheaded 24/7 and when it gets really bad I feel like I'm not in my body and in a dream like state. I makes me scared and nervous. Also when it's really bad sometimes it feels like I'm going numb even though Im not. It gets bad sometimes but not all the time. It gets the worst when I'm at a something I don't do that much like sleepovers but today I was just at home and it was really bad. I have to miss out on some stuff and it makes me really upset, sometimes I cry about it because I don't know what to do. I've been to the doctor and I've had a cat scan, blood test, heart echo and seen a counsellor. Please help me, I have no idea what to do and my conditions ruin everything because I can't do the things I like. I'm in badminton and drama this year (gr 8) and I get lightheaded at practice. I was perfectly happy and healthy when it starting happening in the middle of grade 6. I really need advice, because I'm so scared.

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Hi Jadee7,   middle school is a hard time for many students because of the transition in getting ready for high school.   I'm glad to hear you have seen your doctor as well as a counselor.  What did they say was the problem as to why you feel this way? 

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My doctor and conseler both didn't know what was causing it 

Oh my goodness .. You are so young for this... Have you had your ears checked? This may sound hard but you must try and ignore the symptoms to the best of your ability . If you feel floaty .. Say to yourself well I'm going to float around school today .. The more you can let go and not focus on these symptoms the Easter it'll get. I'm almost 100% you have nothing serious and you will come through it ! Have you looked at any self help books? And if you can speak to your parents or grandma.. It's amazing what they've been through and may help to ease your mind. Take care .

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Thanks for the advice !

Jaydee,  you need to get some answers, the doctor and counselor cannot leave you not knowing what is ruining your life.  Did something traumatic happen to you in 6th grade?  Something caused this to take hold for the last 2 years.  Do you have parents that know about what you are going through?  I know it's a lot of questions but you can't find the answers until you know what the cause is.  I hope you will be able to turn to someone who can get you the help you need.  Please keep coming to this forum for support until you get this sorted out.  We all care about you.   xx

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Thanks, nothing traumatic happened I was really happy and nothing was going wrong when it started happening. Yes my parents know but they can't really help me or understand but they still support me 

Could it be hormonal?  

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I don't think so, my mom thought that before too but now she doesn't 

Jadee,  It seems strange that  your doctor and counselor can't figure out what is wrong. If it's not hormonal or physical then what may be left is environmental or medication.  You don't have to answer this next assumption but could it be street drugs?  Many can cause you to feel those symptoms.  I hope you get back to your doctor and have him look further into your health history in order to give you some relief.  Good Luck honey....I know you are scared.   x

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What are street drugs? Are they like weed? If so I've never done drugs or even seen them in real life. Thank you Agora1 for supporting me and giving me ideas, I really appreciate it.

Yes Jadee, I was thinking along the lines of weed, since drugs are so prevalent now a days.  Good for you in staying away.  I really care and hope you get better soon.  xx

Thanks :)

Yes, I used to have this 24/7. Exact same thing. And I can tell you it is now completely gone for me and it went because I stopped fearing it and just let it hang around. It's a defense mechanism. When your brain is so overstimulated and has too much stress to sort through, it kind of switches itself off to protect you so everything can feel dreamlike, distant. Your house can feel weird, you can feel like a stranger in your own body or like a wall is separating you. Yup. Very common. I had it for months until I even learned what it was! Message me if you like 

Have you looked into Lyme disease? It messed me up big time!

I went to my doctor and he said that it might be lightheaded migraines but with no pain. I started taking some medication and its 10% chance it'll work but hopefully it does.

i have the same thing ! please message me so we can talk about this cos i need advice :(

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