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suffering Anxiety

Hi all im new to this forum and reading everyone's post is amazing just noing that there are soo many of us out there. I have been suffering with HA for nearly 3 years (ofandon) but have only really believed and come to terms with it. I have all the physical symptoms, headache, dizziness, nausea, foggy head, lack of concentration ect. I have always been a worrier since i was little which makes it even harder to cope with all this. I have found that im really good in the morning but after lunch i start going down (when i go out the most). I have realized that if i need to go in the car and drive i feel worse.I have now been put on meds Quetiapine Fumarate for sleeping and relaxing, and also Antinaus for the dizziness which helps but i dont really want to be taking med's but if it's the only thing that will help then ill give it ago.

I have been struggling alot to get out of the house which is hard cause i have 2 children and need to take them around place's. I would really love to no how everyone that has physical symptoms is dealing with this as i am really just over this BS. Please help!!!

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Hey Bec,

Welcome to the site:)

Oh I remember those symptoms!

I'm not on meds any more, was on Propranadol but didn't get on with them.

The dizziness ( depending on how bad) I would ignore, don't give it the time of day.

Get yourself to the doctor just for a checkup.

I use Mindfulness and I've not looked back since.

The website for this is " Headspace" . You need 10 min out of your day and a quiet spot to do this. I do this in the morning and in my room before the madness hits!:)

You learn to stop and breath when things get to much.

Give it ago Hun, it may well work:)

Good luck x


Thank you yummimummi for your time, sometimes the dizziness is just so over bearing I just wanted to crawl up in a ball its so disgustingly horrible. But I will diffently give the headspace site a try, I will do anything to try and live a normal life xxx


I hope it works:) x


Hi bec, I also have been a worrier since I was a little girl- growing up in a broken family and having my mum and nan who were both worriers as role models. I've suffered from anxiety and intrusive thoughts (OCD) since around 7yrs old then around 16yr and had it on and off ever since. I've had two mini breakdowns and have gd a d bad days. It happens like dominoes ... One thing happen, then another then another then another and each domino that falls has a knock on effect until it gets to the point where I'm in and out of reality detached and doomed feeling with a brain and concentration like spaghetti ( msg and thought take ages to understand) as if I'm in a bubble or haze and everything us in sliw motion and there no way out! And there's nothing I can do untill it pass! Other times I get really angry and shout awful things at my husband and sometimes go out shopping spending money on things I don't actually need just to get a rush and feel better and other times I curl up in bed and just wanna hide away getting jumpy when door goes! Panic attacks are frequent if I get too stressed out. I also gave learning difficulties and am a mature student at university with a 3yr old daughter who at 17months old had two strokes and massive seizure leaving her with brain damage. I've also been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder as a result and could b ok in morning then something triggers if off and the rest of the day I'm a mess! Anyway I wanted to share my experiences so u can see ur not alone and there is always ppl who can understand way ur going too and offer help and advise Hun. I would say that it's important to find the medication that's right for u even if u have to try few diffo ones first . Surround yourself with ppl that are there for u in gd times and bad and are a support network to u. Get rid of anyone that are only there for u in good times! Cut negative ppl out of ur life! And rest as much as possible! If u ever need to talk, pls feel free to msg me . I really hope u feel better soon Hun. Lots of love, Hannah xxx


Hi there, thank you for taking the time to tell me your story it was very breath taking and I hope your baby doing ok now ♥. I had a very hard up bringing alcohol infused violence all the time my mother was in jail when I was little and when she wasn't she was very depressed which I think reflected on me, I learnt to bottle things up until id exploded at people that did not deserve it. I also lost my dad afew years ago and don't think I grieved enough as im the oldest child i felt i had to be strong and haven't had that time to process my thoughts on it, but Im now trying to get myself right so I don't do the same to my children as I got from my parents. I went to the local shopping center with my family today and I had to run to the car as I just felt like a little ball (if that makes sense) that didn't belong there being around all those people I couldn't handle it once I got some fresh air I was fine. It feels so much better to be able to talk about it though like a weight lifted of my shoulders ♡♡♡


I know exactly wat u mean! I don't want my daughter to have any if the anxiety and mental health pribs I have , my mum wasn't the best, she used to try to b a good mum, she was wen was about 5yrs old but she gave up, lost her spark and turned butter and resentful. Treated me me like shit all my life up until recently wen she didn't come to my wedding. She drained me dry money wise by age of 23 n I had serious money troubles as a result. Was she got watcshe wanted ..... Didn't see her for two yrs nor my dad or siblings all of which live in the same town. I could have died or taken my life in my own flat and no one would have know or found me for months. I lost my nan two yrs ago just before my daughter became ill, she was my mum and my best friend! It hurts so much. I have so much to b thankful for now.... Lovely husband that worships me a beautiful daughter that although has brain damage is so bright and beautiful and do e so well.... She like ur average 3yr old but smarter and her legs give way a lot esp wen tired and she has seizures and very low immune system but, docs expected her to be a vegetable and she defied the odds, after 3 weeks she started holding her bottle, sitting up, crawling, and walking again and is bright as a button !!!! She is such an inspiration to me, coming so far after being so close to death . Plays on my mind every day if my life. When my husband and her go out without me, I'm in panic mode constantly incase they have an accident or something happens to them ...... Would kill me if I lost her!!!! And my hubby is my vest friend and soul mate. If I didn't have them I couldn't live. I'm also like a wound up ball wen I feel that anxious!!! Loud noises really bother me and can cause panic attacks like that!!! I'm on a medicine call venlafaxine it's wirking really well. On quite a high dose but I'd prefer to be on that than be on nothing and live my life in a state of constant adrenalin fueled anxiety !!!! Rather than thinking u don't wanna gave to take meds to be happy, think of it as in taking meds to enable me to live my life to the full and unleash my happiness that's being suppressed inside of me due to my demons!!! Shut tre demons down by taking ur meds and live each day to the full!!!! Wake up each morning and think of at least one positive thing in ur life that ur thank fil for keep a picture of that thing or person in the forefront of ur mind and every time you have intrusive thoughts or physical symptoms such as low mood or panic attacks etc ..... Picture that thing/things and verbally talk about that thing and why you love it and at the same time you will be suppressing the negative thoughts..... Ignore bad thoughts , don't pay them any attention insteD think of ur positive things u love In ur life and concentrate in them and set goals to achieve things , make a list and work through the list. From paying a bill to going to supermarket to cutting grass to doing an assignment or something u have been putting off! Breathing techniques are so usual for anxiety too! Esp outside. Go for a walk by yourself or with someone if u don't like being alone and just breath in the fresh air. Google anxiety breath techniques and u'll find some good stuff !! Xxxxx



i've always been a worrier too and tend to over think things and think the worse. My partner is always saying we'll sort it when we get to it. This is all well and good but will be prepared for the worst and able to cope.

sorry a bit of a rant. Although I know it is sometimes hard to take meds if you feel they are working continue to take them in the short term.

i cope by taking each day at a time and trying to ensure that I have the resources to cope with that day both in terms of mental energy but also in terms of actual physical resources. This is an issue as my anxiety affects my memory and my ability to organise.

So the other thing I do is go places with 'safe' people who wont shout or look disappointed at me although I have to make an exception sometimes with my partner. I also mainly go to safe places where I have been before so I know what to expect so less likely to suffer physical symptoms. I too find anxiety can be high when driving. do you have local places which you can walk to with your children?




Hey there, rant all you like haha! My partner is the same do as it comes when I like to do before it comes. I tend to focus more on the future and not the present time which builds me up to such as State i can't do anything like the other day i had to pick up my girl from school I had the school insight I freaked out got really dizzy started shaking I pulled over till I could drive I turned around and went home my partner went and got her, I then went to sleep for half an hour woke up feeling a little better just groggy like. Things like that makes me feel like im going crazy! !! I can do walking with my children everything is in walking distance so i might try that and see how I go :)

I hope you are doing better xxx bec


Hi MR..My husband always tells me, "No need to worry,we will cope with it when it happens-no point in using energy for nothing" and like you I tend to want to cover all the bases of a perceived problem so I can assure myself that I have planned for "it" and will be able to cope with "it". ..and so I smiled to myself when reading your post. Another member suggested a small book called "Living with IT" by Bev Aisbett (cartoons and captions) and whilst I would normally choose self help books about CBT of a more clinical approach I bought this one anyway...it has been invaluable ...so funny and I can see me in it quite clearly...me and my "IT". You might want to check it out- also learn more about CBT and now it might help you. Like you I have been a lifetime worrier and now it's wearing thin so I have chosen to tackle me by learning about me and my behaviour and responses...I chose to learn about CBT before asking for a referral (which is the best way to go since waiting lists for CBT can be long)...use the wait time to learn and practice and you will be amazed how much better you will begin to know yourself...also, with lots of interesting self help and thought, you can change the old you . Check it all out, my friend, you might feel, like I do, that you are back in charge of your wayward self and begin to drift back into the "you" you were before all of this became a seemingly insurmountable problem. Good luck..and also try keeping a daily journal of your thoughts and feelings...it's a great release for pent up feelings and a handy tool for finding out whatbis really bothering your soul so much. Thinking of you. Let us know how you do.

love PD xx


Thank you for all your recommendations I will certainly give them all a go xxx bec


I'll give the book a try . I like books that try to put a humourous slant on things. I will investigate CBT as well as I am having a mental health assessment on Wednesday and hopefully this will lead to some help/support/advice.



Hi and welcome :). I am new to this site too and have found it is giving me hope so far :). It helps to know there are others out there...

Maybe you are ok in the morning because that's when you have most energy? I know this is dead basic advice but do you eat a healthy breakfast? I like cereal or porridge. I HATE sugary cereals with a passion! You eat them and are on a sugar high at 7 in the morning and then completely crash when you leave the house... No point, it's basic biology. Eat things like fruit and weetabix and make sure you eat enough to keep you going. Better yet, eat little and often which keeps your energy topped up.

I'm suggesting this because you said you have only recently come to terms with your HA (high anxiety??). I was diagnosed a year and a half ago and have learned so much about myself in that time, I realised it explains why I am the way I am.

Also, exercise really helps to manage the anxiety. You would think it would leave you feeling drained but once you get into an exercise routine you actually feel you have more energy to cope with life. I know it sounds like a rubbish thing to do if you don't like exercise, I hate to get sweaty haha. You may struggle to fit it in with having kids but if you can you may be a more energetic mum at the end of it! I have never had the dizziness etc but I was being physically sick for a while there and i haven't been sick since I was a child. I lost my appetite and subsequently lost weight and my friends were worried.

Hopefully the medication will work or try asking your doc for CBT. There is a long waiting list for this but getting your name on that list means you will get it one day.

Hang in there! xx


Hi there, I do try and have a healthy breakfast and I no I need to do more exercising I have the time but due to all the symptoms all I want to do is go to sleep. And I will check out CBT. Thank you for your time, hows everything going with you?


I know, it is hard when you have a complete lack of motivation. Getting started is the hardest part. Do you sleep right through the night or wake up a lot?

Things are up and down for me at the moment. Recently unemployed coz I was failing my uni course. It was something I have worked towards for 6 years and I couldn't cope. So feeling like a failure just now and I know it's going to be hard to find a job. My living situation isn't great and my boyfriend has kind of disappeared for the time being. He lets me down an awful lot. He had booked a hotel for us tonight, and I haven't heard from him since Monday. I emailed him two days ago saying I was worried but no reply. Think I'm realising that he doesn't care all that much. But when he tells me he loves he seems to really mean it so I get confused. I can't bear the thought of being alone so that's why I haven't left him. Only time will tell what will happen. All my boyfriends have been rubbish so feeling like there are no descent guys out there.


The 1 thing iv learned is get rid of the negative stuff you can't get yourself better with grey clouds over your head. I thought the same when I was younger going out with losers and now have a wonderful parnter for 7 years and 2 beautiful children. Things tend to happen at a time when you really need it so Im sure you make a good choices for you. Your not alone you have all of us on here that will help you when you need it xxxx


Thank you. I am worried I will get a call from his family saying he is hospital again or something. He has a lot of problems with his health at a young age! But I know I have to sit tight, I can't chase him up every time I get worried. I know this isn't working, I just don't quite have the courage to leave him yet

Thank you :) xx


Hi bec

You have had some great replies here , so just wanted to say Welcome :-)





Hi bec welcome to the site I get a lot of symptoms I've had them for 20 years I have learnt to live with them I do get bad days but try my best to just tell my self that it's only anxiety and that it can't hurt me i do yoga and listen to relaxing music and drink a lot of camomile tea take care xx


Hi Becs, did your symptoms include any problems with your vision combined with balance e.g. you're walking and you feel like your visual perspective isn't quite right, especially if you look at the ground as your walking?


Hi there Anthony, my vision haa been ok but I do feel like im losing my balance my doctor told me a month ago I had inner ear infection but looking back I don't think it was because it started when I was starting a new very stressful position at work and I have noticed I only get the symptoms when im worried about something. Do you get the same?


Hello Becky, I've had the same symptoms as you since start of September, and the first doctor I saw at start of November also told me she thought it was an inner ear infection. I too was having a stressful time at work, and it was a feeling of continual anxiety linked to the workplace. Had blood pressure tests and blood tests. When I went for the results in December it was a different doctor, who said she thought it was stress rather than inner ear infection, as an inner ear infection would produce serious vertigo - while my balance wasn't right and I felt physically unstable, it wasn't actually vertigo that I felt. (All test results were normal apart from cholesterol). Am pleased to say that I now feel much better and the loss of balance, feeling unstable, 'brain fog', tiredness, inability to concentrate, feeling like I had a constant hangover every waking hour despite having had no alcohol to drink since the start of September, have now pretty well gone. However I am still not sure whether it was an inner ear infection or anxiety, or perhaps both. The problems with my balance did feel 'physical' so I wonder if it was an inner ear infection - however the second doctor said that anxiety can cause this balance problem. The situation at work is no longer quite as stressful (although it does have its moments), so perhaps it was just the effect of constant anxiety rather than an infection. The strange thing was that the problem with my balance/feeling physically unstable was continuous for the months that I had it, even when I was at home feeling relatively relaxed - so that's why I still wonder whether it was the inner ear infection. But perhaps continual anxiety can have these very serious physical symptoms. Something good came out of it all as I found out about my high cholesterol and this has given me the motivation to eat healthily and do more exercise to reduce my weight and cholesterol. I've lost a stone since December and my eating habits are now much more healthy - so I'm not even sure whether perhaps the symptoms were the result of unhealthy eating habits. Another good thing was that I totally gave up alcohol when I started feeling unwell at the start of September, as over the summer I had been frequenting pubs in the evenings and drinking a lot of lager - so I wonder whether possibly the symptoms were due to overindulging in alcohol for a sustained period and it was my body telling me to stop drinking.


Hi Anthony, yea its hard to tell weather it was inner ear or anxiety as they have similar symptoms. I personally think it is anxiety because I have had it of and on for a while. I have heard lots of alcohol can bring on anxiety probably cause the stuff in it can raise the blood pressure and heart rate. Im glad you are doing good now.


Thanks. Hopes yours gets better too.


I find the best way of reducing stress is either to read or watch films. There is actually a comedy film called 'High Anxiety' by Mel Brooks from the 1970s - its really funny, and helps me distress. You ought to watch it.


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