Feeling shitty

Ok so ive felt fine all day, done all my housework, went to me moms and helped her. Then came back and done all the bottom half of my back garden. Then just had a bath and feel abit shitty. I dont know if its cuz my other half isnt here yet or cuz ive starting thinking about anxiety. Plus ive probley over done it abit to. I havent thought about it all day, but once i started to relax bang its on me mind. Now i cant get it off my mind. Roses garden here i go xx


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  • Sounds like you feel you've overdone it.

  • I've had a shitty day too.

  • Sorry you have had a bad day as well

    Talk about how you feel , I tend not to at times & it does me no good

    Hope you feel better




  • R u ok now? X

  • Donaf

    When I read your blog over done it came to mind before you said it

    You do seem to do an awful lot , always on the go

    When we are bust though I do understand it keeps our minds of things , I have been ironing & my mind has been more occupied , we have to be careful we don't over do it

    Get a nice hot bubble bath , put your feet up , watch TV , OH will be back soon & we are here while you are waiting




  • Oh Donaf,

    I do that so often.You feel a bit brighter so you throw yourself at everything you think needs doing ~ quickly, while it lasts. Then, of course, it wears off and you're in a heap again. It feels awful but it is just a reaction to overdoing it. I know it's hard but try to pace yourself. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, least of all yourself but I do appreciate how hard it is. I do this all the time and am always surprised when I'm overwhelmed again!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon,



  • Hi, as everyone has agreed about over-doing it, I know from pain management they use a technique of pacing which seems like it would apply for mental health as well. I am rubbish at it most of the time, but the very basic idea of it, as you can imagine, is plenty of breaks and rests so you never overdo it. There's a bit more to it than that and things take longer to do, but you don't burn yourself out. As I say, I forget about it all the time because of the instinct to complete a job from beginning to end, consequently having a busy day, useless day, busy day, useless day cycle. Just a thought.



  • Hi, ive tried to throw myself into tasks today and kept myself busy cos im due on and so confussed and anxtious, now im totally knackard. Slow down alittle and have a few more breaks to let yourself recharge.x

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