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I'm so scared the what ifs are really getting to me the last couple of days , to cut a long story short I'm so scared itso skin cancer!!! had red mark on shin , doctor gave some steroid cream for it which did improve it but referred me to hospital had it about 8weeks, doctor at hospital said it looks OK with the cream I'd used but to go back in 3 month but that's such a long time to wait day by day scared to death I'm just not coping feel sick , shaking I don't know what to do , I'm desperate x

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Try putting oil of oregano on it. And also take some oil of oregano drops daily under your tongue, do not dilute. But first, google oil of oregano benefits. It's literally a miracle in a bottle. It's all natural and one of the most powerful all natural antibiotics on earth. Just google it. I'm sure you're fine and going to be just fine 😌

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Thank you I'll try anything xx

I'm no doctor but if the steroid cream helped its probably not cancer. I know how silly this sounds but try to ignore the thoughts like imagine the thoughts are people and try to ignore them. Also I get how you feel because i feel like worrying helps and i feel like what if i stop worrying and the worst thing happens then i will feel destroyed. I know this all sounds weird but just try the ignoring thing and tell me if it helps. And also what did your doctor say they thought it was?

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To tell you the truth and I can only remember her saying does anyone in family had skin cancer do you sunbathletes or go on sunbeds and everything else went over my head , I shold of took someone in with me ,I'm so angry with myself for that but if they saying that why didn't they just take a biopsy then 3 month is ages , thank you for replying x

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