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Half 4 in the morning just woke up with a racing heart it's going super fast feel like I can't breath. What is this? Someone help?! Has anyone had this. It's racing so fast feel like I'm about to die. Will I?

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Hello, sorry to hear this, it sounds very much like palpitations and like a panic attack! No I don't think you will die by Gods grace. The racing heart has happened to me when I sleep too! It feels scary. But I can assure you that you will be fine if you just do your breathing exercises and tell yourself that it's just a panic attack, it's not harmful and you are not going to die. I suggest that you have a large glass of cold water next to you and if the palpitation happens again drink some water, breathe in and out and calm yourself down by positivity saying things like "I will be fine, I will live long, nothing bad is going to happen to me, I will get over this one day, I will fulfil my dreams, I am calm cool and collected', I am free from anxiety' etc. you could ask record your voice on your iPhone or laptop and play it to yourself when sleeping! That's what I do. You could use music to make it even more relaxing. Eventually you won't worry to much anymore when your self talk and thoughts change. Also consider buying a book on "Cognitive therapy behaviour" as it can help you with learning how to manage your symptoms and anxiety. Have you been to your doctor to discuss your symptoms? Just to rule out any medical causes. Reducing coffee can help too as caffeine can increase irritability and cause anxiety and nervousness in some people. Hope you feel better soon xx

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I was just going to write kaaayla but great job babygirl29 you pretty much said it all!! Great advice kaayla! You will be just fine I've been through it all trust me if I can get through it so can you!!! Clean up your diet get exercise and consistent sleep every night!!! God bless you close your eyes and relax take deep breaths watch something funny on tv or listen to happy music. Download spa music app on your phone good luck

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Thank you so much for the reply! everything you have said Iv tried.. It's so hard and scary when your heart just races out the blue for no reason I tell myself this is just anxiety then I go no wait this ain't anxiety there is something definitely wrong with my heart! Then I go no I'm only 19 I won't have a heart attack or but to be honest it can happen , Iv tried litterly everything I just wanna give up on everything I hate feeling like this and the people around me don't understand how I actually feel inside 😔, hope ur ok baby girl xx

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Sorry hear that you are so young and have panic attacks. The best thing that worked for me was acupuncture with prescribed herbs from a Chinese acupuncturist . I'am sleeping better, don't have the heart racing anymore. Besides that I'm trying to meditate twice a day and go for a walk.

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Awww bless you, I think with time and if you keep practicing positive thinking, speaking out positive words (affirmations) and also you could create a vision board and imagine yourself being free, calm and being your good old self again. Also is there anything causing the anxiety? Did anything happen that could have made you become panicky? It might be worth exploring. Sometimes they say it's bottled up emotions or past experiences. I used to suppress my anger a lot. Pretending I was fine when I wasn't. I also used to drink too much coca cola when I was young and didn't eat lunch. Since I've been older I've improved my diet dramatically and I don't drink cole anymore. I eat lots if fruit and veg and fish and have reduced my meat intake. I take vitamins everyday too. Writing in your diary is one of the best things that you can do to get better and better. I also suggest setting goals and having amazing dreams for your life. It will make you so excited that you'll want to focus on them and the fears will start to fade out bit by bit. Wishing you well xx

Dear Kaaayla -

I haven't wakened up with my heart going abnormally fast, but I HAVE had it going very fast during my waking hours. When that happens, there is most always NOT an obvious reason for that happening. When it DOES happen, I try and lie down, breathing deeply in and out I try and relax, although this is more easily said than done !

I DO think you should tell your physician about these occurrences, just to be on the safe side, but s/he may not have an answer to help you much, either.

When it happens, try and find a quiet place to lie down and breathe deeply. That helps me as much as anything, so I would like to hear back from you on this site how you are doing, following my advice. Good luck !

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Hello Annie.. Iv tried all of that! I am seeing a cardiologist got an appointment Wednesday for the treadmill then next month I'll have a heart scan and wear a heart monitor, and get all the results back in June/July feels like forever!!!! But when I went to my consultation she said she doesn't think there's anything wrong with my heart.. She don't know that from jusy looking at me she don't understand the pain I go through the racing heart .. Hearts pumping to slow and feels like it's stopping the skipped beats also bad bad flutters it's so horrible Yh maybe Iv got this obsession with my heart but I do think there's something wrong with it. CONSTANTLY, sorry for going on take care Annie hope all is well with you x

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As I mentioned before, I don't think my increase in heart rate was connected with any happening in my life that I could put my finger on.

But I am thinking perhaps there may be something going on in your life that causes enough anxiety to make this happen to you.

Do you have a clergy person or some other understanding and competent professional that you can confide in ? Just finding someone that you can go to face to face would perhaps be a big relief.

For me, that would be someone at Lutheran Social Service. But maybe you would want find a person who is not affiliated with a religious institution. So, you would have to make that choice.

The main thing that is important is to find a person whom you trust. I am thinking that would be a huge relief for you. Keep on seeing / consulting with that person, giving yourself a good amount of time to settle in and feel more relaxed after you get to know them.

Just getting a start on finding help would help you greatly.

Keep writing back to us. We really DO care. XXX OOO


No way are you about to die and when you read this you will still be alive. But I so know how that feels. It is very scary but I promise you, you will be fine. You need to get to the window for nice air and start to slowly breathe, it takes practice but this does actually help and after a very long time of these feelings I can honestly say i have turned a corner. Can you watch you tube.. Steven Furlick Be Brave, its really good. You will come through this, how are you now? Did you get some rest?

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Hello snow .. Oh it was so horrible no one understand how it feels around me , how can ur heart just speed up so fast when ur sleep and wake u up? There must be something wrong , I just know I'm going to die. I really don't wanna live like this no more Iv tried everything cbt medication ahhhh..I'm going to be like this forever , I did get some sleep at 6am finally , hope ur ok to xxx

Your not going to die Kaayla , your feeding it my friend so thats why its alive. Read back over the message you sent me there. Something wrong, going to die, don't wanna live, ahhhh, this forever.....your feeding it. Yes i totally agree its horrible. Go back see your GP but I promise you, your not going to die. I know its horrible for you but what ends up happening is we spend all day giving it the food for survival to its going to stay. You need to get your thinking changed, then it starts to die. Honestly I have been where you at but from something that was happening daily, lots, it very rarely happens at all now. I am learning to like me again and facing outside. Night time ones are scary but If you get into some mindfulness and the wee things I suggested you look up, baby steps...forward. No going back. You can do this but you need to tell yourself that x

I get that every day of my life u will not die just relax I know it's hard. But u can do it get up go for a walk. Breathe stress anxiety is very strong and can mimic allot of things u will be ok smile. Just rember u not alone

I know EXACTLY what you feel like. I'm only 23 and I am scared about my heart. I wake up for no apparent reason with a racing heart and terrible fear and panic. To be honest there is not much that helps, even my boyfriend sleeping next to me doesn't understand what I am feeling. The one thing that helps a tiny bit is getting up, doing some yoga stretches and then listening to relaxation videos on YouTube in bed with ear plugs. The ones I like are Sleep Hypnosis for Deep Confidence (Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Self Esteem) + Can't sleep, Meditation For Insomnia, Guided Voice, Gentle Music For Sleepless Nights, Relaxation + Zen Hypnosis Relaxation Anxiety Release for Sleep. xx

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It's horrible ain't it cat 😔, this ain't fair on us! Wish there was an actual cure for everything.. Sorry u have to go through it . Does ur heart proper beat super fast x

No sweetheart you will not die. I have those and what i have is Panic or anxiety attacks. When Im going through them, I start praying and then they start to get better to where i can go back to sleep. But you should go to your pcp and tell them what you are experiencing and they can help you also. Also, I drank alot of pepsi in the evening and i think that the caffeine in it brings on the attacks too. I hope this helps you and i hope and pray that this gets better for you! Have a great day!

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