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Scared 100%


My anxiety is so so bad..... But I have to come off of my propranalol I'm on 120mg a day. Today I've reduced it to 80mg. I had a massive anxiety attack I'm so so scared as these really help my anxiety, but I have to come off due to a life event!! I have to do what's best for this little life growing inside me, and what I've read about being on propanalol during pregnancy has scared the hell out of me, but I'm also petrified because of my heart palpitation.... I can't stand it!!! :-( I've also got to come off of my mirtazapine (anti anxiety) and go onto sertraline ..... I'm all mixed emotions!!! Anyone please got any advise, I'm scared and feel alone :-( Xx thank you!!! Love this site it shows me I'm not the only one suffering with anxiety xc

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Hang in there wild rose I just went down on my lexapro from 15 mg to 10 mg and am feeling some anxiety too but we can do it!!!!

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We can and we will!!!!!! Xxxx


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