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I've just took my first pill and I'm so scared, Just hope It works and starts to make me feel better and not worse 😢

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Hello. This is a low dose.i have had them.

Tara, all medications are thoroughly tested before doctors are allowed to prescribe them. Most have no real side effects or they are minor and soon disappear as your body gets used to them. I think a lot of anxious people imagine side effects because their anxiety programs them to expect them.

Medications are designed to make you feel better. They are not designed to make you feel worse. The tablet you are taking has been taken by thousands of people before you without any problems. So take the medication expecting it to do you good. Everything will be fine.

You are so brave doctors game me sertreline but am to scared to take them 😢I am having counciling too all day my chest has been heavy and uncomfortable and am feeling really dizzy too when will this all stop are you okay x

Jeff1943 in reply to Saz12345

Saz12345, it will all stop when you start taking the medication you refuse to take.

Saz12345 in reply to Jeff1943

Really coz I can't stand this even tonight my throats feels like I can't breath and my chest feels heavy again and I feel so dizzy 😢

Jeff1943 in reply to Saz12345

Saz, these are all symptoms of anxiety, not real symptoms of organic illness, take the medication you have been given and give yourself a break.

Saz12345 in reply to Jeff1943

Thankyou so much yes your right I think I need to now because this is horrible my chest today has been awful the discomfort I get then funny feeling in my belly it's not nice at all thanks for replying

Hi tara89, Good for you in taking the medication your doctor prescribed. Jeff1943 is right in that all medication goes through thorough scrutiny before being put on the market. It's when you buy drugs off the internet that you don't know what you are getting. You have taken your most important step forward in getting better. Hope your day is going well. x

Hi tara89

I've just finished my first 2 weeks on medication. I was also really scared when I started, particularly for the first few days, but I'm feeling good now.

A lot of people told me to wait it out for 2 weeks and it felt like the hardest thing to do in the world, so I completely understand how you're feeling right now. But, those people were right.

Not everyone has side effects. I was unlucky and did have a few, but after the first 5 days they started to go away and now I'm so happy I kept going.

You're really brave for taking the first steps to face this head on.

You've got this!!!

Nice post

How are you feeling?

Hi I'm not too bad, I'm on day 11 of my medication, not seen much of an improvement yet but still early days, but I am sleeping better 😁

Shelley24 in reply to tara89

I'm also on day 11 and dealing with things a bit better

Stumblety in reply to tara89

I'm on day 13 of a new medication. Same no change yet. Please keep me posted

Hey you will prob feel weird for about a week or 2. Everyones different. I didnt feel that great with citalopram so im now on sertaline 25mg. (Social phobia.paranoia)


Sometimes medication can take up to 4-6 weeks to work. Be patient😜

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