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My friend who suffers from anxiety went to the emergency room earlier. She brought up that they were doing blood work possibly and that it could be anemia. Well, I shouldn't have, but I immediately googled anemia. I'm tired all the time even with a full nights rest. I usually start to feel more energetic when it's night time but now I'm not so sure. Then I ready that anemia with sudden onset of it, is a symptom of cancer. Also, I've been noticing that I have this cough sometimes. Not constantly, but I notice it. A dry cough that maybe every once in a while produces phlegm, but not usually? I've noticed the cough for the past week now so you can imagine my fear rising when I also read that a sudden cough can be a sign of cancer. I'm worrying myself sick again. I don't want to do this :( I've seen doctors and they just throw pills at me and say it's anxiety. Which I've suffered from so, so much. But I'm getting so much better. It just feels like as soon as I start thinking this is coming to a close, I get a new symptom. And now I'm scared again 💔

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i always get the dry cough aswell and tell me the same thing trust me your not the only one .

Mama1204 in reply to Johnnie1234

Thank you. I hate feeling something so minor and have my mind immediately go straight to the worst possible reason

Johnnie1234 in reply to Mama1204

Yeah dont just say its just anxiety i always think am sick or something and reality you really not

I know you're right

Try googling numbness in feet, or excessive sweating, or dark colored poop, or peeing too much, or blurred vision, or twitching, or fatigue of arms, or light colored moles, dark colored moles, not sweating, bruising too easy.

Basically, google anything. It all leads to Cancer or death.. Why? Because that gets you to click on the page and fuel the advertisement profits.

Furthermore, those web pages have cookies. So now you've searched for cancer or blood disease, or whatever, and the internet knows that. So it begins dropping similar topics into your advertisements of facebook, searches, ads-etc, because the cookies show you have an interest in that. This only fuels your suspicions and worries.

Now, try typing all those same subjects but write the word "anxiety" afterwards. Now you will have thousands of results with the same symptoms that point towards anxiety and not cancer. So now you're search engine will be filled with anxiety help and subjects.

All the internet does it try to reflect to you what you find interesting so you click on those web pages. Cookies are a hell of a thing.

The internet only shows you what you are looking for, and you're looking for all the wrong things.

Never thought of that. Worry master, seems like a name I should've thought of lol thank you for mentioning this..

this reply made my day i googled all my symtoms came up heart attack in women then googled anxiety smytoms all the same THANK YOU you eased my anxiety :):)Mrworrymaster

Glad you may have found a few moments of peace.

Remember, always go to a Dr to get your diagnosis. Trust the professionals to do their jobs.

Hammering away on google will only drive your fears.

yes went to dr yesturday but feeling more worried than before now about results lol its neverending

That it is. Hopefully, the results come out good!

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