Fluoxetine/panic sensations

Does anyone know does fluoxetine actually work for panic attacks/ anxiety? All the body/side effects sensations make me freak out even.more.like dizziness and breathlessness (feels like panic attacks). On day 9, I took fluoxetine before and venlafaxine a couple of years ago and the side.effects I don't remember ever being this hideous, does body/brain chemistry change?


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  • Same here, three weeks in and it doesn't seem to be helping. Body jitters and panic. Hmmmmm. I wonder if these will ever work!

  • Its the worst, told my gp and.she said keep.going with it

    But hate the side effects and need to return to work soon.

    Did you get a lot.of emotional changes on it. Like one minute almost elated then uncontrollable.crying a.couple.of hours later?

  • Not really any elation. Just not any help and I have had some horrible panic attacks while taking the pills. Damn. Wish they would work and not cause side effects. I feel anxious most of the time and feel ill and weak and shaky. Internal shaking started with the pills. I see my doc on the 27th and we'll see what she says. Hoping the best for you and for me.

  • Thanks, we'll get there x

  • I've been taking Fluoxetine for over a year now, for the first couple of months I do remember having a few unpleasant side effects, these did gradually disappear though and I started to feel much better, the thing is Fluoxetine just helps lift your mood etc it gives you a better outlook, this helps you deal with the anxiety issues, it kind of gives you a helping hand, this allows you to work on accepting your other anxiety symptoms, no meditation is a complete cure for anxiety, its just ment to assist you by giving you a boost in mood and outlook, ultimately we have to change our thoughts and reactions in order to recover from anxiety, the medication really has helped me, you have to give it time, it will kick in eventually, hang in there guys :-)'xxx

  • Thanks all x

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