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Water Therapy

“Chill” the nerves

After applying this simple trick, stress will no longer be your worst enemy. All you have to do is splash ice-cold water in your face and hold your breath while doing so.

The icy power will lure your brain into triggering the “mammalian diving reflex.” It helps the body use oxygen better, and you are calm again! WebMD says that the connection between cold water and stress relief has been discovered long ago.

You can also drink a glass of cold water. It will provide a similar effect. So, there is no need to ruin your mascara

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Will try this. Thank you

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Someone once told me to pour a bucket of cold water with lavender over my head every morning loll but I am yet to try it


It's worth a try, thank you.


Interesting. I find sipping cold water also helps lower blood pressure and slows a racing heart beat


OK... please forgive me for this, but when I read this I just laughed out loud! Some of the things we have to do to manage our pain and diseases sound like something done it the middle ages by the "doctor". I certainly DO believe what you are saying, but it also sounds like someone is playing a practical joke on all of us. "OK, dump a bucket of ice water over you head once a day and you will feel so much better!" We cannot deny the fact that the placebo affect does work... although there seems to be scientific evidence to support this procedure.

Just know that I am so sorry to hear you struggle with chronic medical issues, and that is serious business! Something to consider when talking about freezing water is nerve cryoablation. A Dr. Prologo has had huge success with freezing the pudendal nerve. He started doing this procedure to help cancer patients and people with phantom leg pain after amputation. Here is an interview with him,

Please be encouraged that new treatments are being developed everyday, and it is up to us, the patient" to seek them out. I have a laundry list of autoimmune disorders and I found the diagnosis first from my research and asked for the tests for that ailment. Fortunately, I have been with my Internist (PCP) for over 20 years and she trusts me!


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