Water Therapy

“Chill” the nerves

After applying this simple trick, stress will no longer be your worst enemy. All you have to do is splash ice-cold water in your face and hold your breath while doing so.

The icy power will lure your brain into triggering the “mammalian diving reflex.” It helps the body use oxygen better, and you are calm again! WebMD says that the connection between cold water and stress relief has been discovered long ago.

You can also drink a glass of cold water. It will provide a similar effect. So, there is no need to ruin your mascara

4 Replies

  • Will try this. Thank you

  • Someone once told me to pour a bucket of cold water with lavender over my head every morning loll but I am yet to try it

  • It's worth a try, thank you.

  • Interesting. I find sipping cold water also helps lower blood pressure and slows a racing heart beat

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