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Freaking Out after using Tap Water/Bottle Water on Neti Pot



It has been 4 days since I used a neti pod with tap and regular bottle water... later that day I bumped into a article that shows very scary effects of using tap water on neti pod. From that moment my anxiety and stress levels are through the roof. I'm freaking out and the amount of fear that I have right now is unreal. Never dealt with anything like this, Please help!!! has anyone dealt with something similar before???

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What is a neti pod?


I think you will be okay 🙂

There's a lot of things on the internet that can scare you. Hopefully you found some relief from using it though?

1432bt in reply to Hidden

Thank you

Some journalists earn a good living writing scare stories about health matters which appear on the Internet and put the fear of God into people with anxiety disorders. But let's stop and think about it, I don't know what a Neti Pod is but there's no way it can turn either tap water or bottled water into anything poisonous. I mean, water is essential to life so how can it really turn harmful on its own?

Next, I bet you haven't been drinking water prepared in this way for long, right? So even if there was something in the story you read I really don't think you've been using it long enough to harm you.

Next, I drink only bottled water and if there was some GENUINE scare story about water and this Neti Pod I would have noticed it.

So to be freaking out on fear as you say you are is not a normal response. I think maybe you are suffering from anxiety disorder of some description and this has latched on to the Neti Pod article you read and is causing a completely out of proportion reaction.

So forget about the Neti Pod business, it can do you no harm, and face thereal issue here - how you have become so anxious about things that you have over sensitised your nervous system? Have you been under stress, worry or overwork for a long period of time?

Seek the advice and help of someone trustworthy to help you sort out the problems that have got you into this state - and spend some time reading the suggestions put forward by other members of this forum on how to desensitise your nervous system and so recover from your bad feelings.

1432bt in reply to Jeff1943

You are right, thank you for your advice.

I will definitely look into help, because dealing with fear is not easy.

1432bt, as I always say, there is a very good book that has helped thousands of people understand fear and anxiety and overcome their problems: it's called 'Self help with your nerves' by Claire Weekes and its available from Amazon. It's quite short and not full of scientific language and I am always recommending it on this forum. When you start reading ityou soon recognise yourself in its pages and it brings reassurance, an end to bewilderment and a method for recovery that really works,

Thank you. I will check that out!

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