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Burning after drinking water :(

Hey everyone, sorry if I've posted this before but if I have, I can't find my own question in my profile! Probably missed it, although I don't remember getting an answer last time I'm afraid. ^^;

Anyway, in the last 2 or so months, if I have so much as a glass of water to drink - even if it's just water or milk - I get a burning sensation in my throat, and it sometimes feels rather dry. I also burp a lot and feel like there's gas stuck in my throat somewhere. I might even get a feeling of "hunger," but I'm not sure how to describe it.

This tends to happen in the afternoon more than the morning but what concerns me is that it happens even though I'm trying to treat suspected LPR reflux with PPIs and Gaviscon Advance etc. I realy hope water isn't causing me reflux, I'll never be able to cure it if it is... :(

(Just so you know, I never drink alcohol, fizzy drinks or citrus drinks, so they wouldn't contribute to any reflux ;D)

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Have you thought about what your eating prior to these episodes.

Water wont react with you, we are made of 70% water, its in our makeup., so it does sound like reflux, but take a look at the food your eating as I suspect it could be that. Also make sure you are sitting up right with you stomach area open, not slouching and blocking the food passage through the stomach.

Wishing you well


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Hey, sorry I thought it might be food related too, but I'm following a strict GERD diet and only have non-reflux foods like salad, rice and poultry. I'd be surprised if they made me reflux one day and not the other :(


I get it too sometimes.

The water liquifies the contents of your stomach so if it's a bit acidy makes it worse.

I have horrendious acid occasionally, and have done all my life (pretty sure it's anxiety related), and the only way to shut it up is to eat absorbant food like soft dry bread.


Strangely, I used to get severe heartburn from water, it could be that the water along with the acid in your stomach flows back into your gullet, if you are drinking it on an empty stomach, maybe a dry piece of toast of biscuit would just help line the stomach first. Have you had a gastroscopy (camera in gullet) to give you a definitive diagnosis. I have a Hiatus Hernia and that can only be diagnosed this way. I think it is important that you eat small snacks regularly rather than drink lots of fluid on an empty stomach and try not to rush the drink down, keep well hydrated often rather than gulping huge amounts. I wouldn't worry about this, I can identify with this, ask your doctor is a Calcium/Magnesium Citrate (2 parts Calcium to 1 of Magnesium) supplement may help too, love and hugs xx


What age are you?


I found something that's working for me.....about 1/3 cup apple juice in about 3 c water. It's not what I would prefer, pure water, but it's close!


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