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Has any experienced Cold Feet before?


Hello everyone! 😌

This might be a weird question but has anyone experienced Cold Feet before with Anxiety? Is it even anxiety causing this? Lol

My feet feel like they will not warm up! But my hands are sweating? I'm feeling a little anxious about it but I'm trying to not let it bother me. 😝 just wondering if anyone knows if anxiety can cause you to have cold feet? Or if it's symptoms to anything? Let me know. 😌

Thank you! ❤

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I have cold feet all the time. And I suffer from anxiety. I must wear socks to bed. I dont think its anything to worry about. I am still alive at 63. I think it might be because I have a low thyroid condition.

However,in anxiety,we can suffer from both cold and an/or hot body parts.

Sometimes I go into the sun to feel better. Other times,I am too hot and sometimes freezing and shaking.

Maybe u can also get answers from the Thyroid Section of this same group,HealthUnlocked.

I am wearing socks right now. You could get some hand warmers to keep around the house,or hot water bottle or soak your feet in hot water.





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Trust me, I have health anxiety & I have had a lot of tests done for a lot of things. 😝 Thyroid was one of them & they said it was normal. Anxiety for me has brought on a lot of weird symptoms that I experience sometimes! Sweating some nights, cold the other nights, tingling in hands & feet Sometimes, I mean I am all over the place. 😝 it's just hard to know if it's anxiety or a health condition? It gets frustrating. 😡 the Drs seem to never have answers! I know they can only do or say so much. Please do ask your Dr. I swear, anxiety has a symptom after a symptom to make this journey even more fun. 😝

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I will ask three different doctors. My gp,my psych and my gastro.

However,I have told many doctors about this over the years and they were never really into me taking more tests. Up till now I feel very safe with my cold feet. I would hope that you can feel safe too. For right now,especially with your anxiety,I think you are very safe. You just have cold feet.Please try not to worry. It will make your anxiety worse. You are ok right now. You can write me back again.

Are you taking deep breaths? I learned to start doing that when I feel anxious.UR safe right now.

Whats going on now? Is it just the bottom of your feet that is cold? Did u try a towel and hot water? Wrap it around your feet. Get into your favorite t shirt and sweats. Are you also clammy?

I am here,


Anxiety keeps me from going outside.

I am very depressed about that,when I think about it. :(

Anxiety takes on a life of its own. I understand you.

Are u feeling better? My feet are freezing right now,but I am not worried about it. I have had this my whole life. It may not even be a sign of anything bad. Doctors never seemed to worry about my cold feet. Do u have socks on?

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I'm actually feeling pretty good right now 😏 my feet feel warm again. It sucks what anxiety can do to not only our mind but our bodies as well. 😞 I'm sorry to hear you are depressed. How long have you been dealing with Anxiety/Depression? Sometimes I believe the world is a very scary place. I didn't use to think this way 😞 but Anxiety has made my thoughts on certain things very different. It's very sad what Anxiety can do to you. I'm only 21 & I even hear younger people going through this! We should be enjoying our lives right now! 😞 but unfortunately Anxiety is a Mental issue that is hard to overcome but it very well can be done. 😏 I try having a positive look on things & most of the time that helps a lot! Trying to play this mental game that anxiety does to us has been quite interesting. 😝 I just wanna be my happy self again! I want to enjoy this life we have! ❤ One day I know I will find peace.

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But worrying and posts like this may perpetuate the anxiety

Yes,you will find peace. The idea that you are working on it now is a good sign. I suggest going to anxiety classes while you are young. You will absorb alot of information on how to control it. When I was 20,with anxiety,they only had pills for you. Now theres a whole toolbox of things to help you,: classes,breathing exercises,positive thinking,hypnotherapy,exercise,eating the right foods,learning how to distract yourself from anxiety and most of all meditation. You can beat this. You have to work at it.

I have had anxiety since I was 17 years old.:(..

I am 63 now. But my life has been great. I made my own jewelry and sold it also. You must do what you like to do. Try to get a fun job. Always go torwards fun and enjoyment. Oh,hiking is great for anxiety. All of these tools are as good for you as taking a drug.

I also now at 63 have IBS,STOMACH ISSUES,which contributed torwards my depression and anxiety.

Live the healthiest life you can,learn the above tools and you will have your life back. Start right now. And look for the nearest anxiety class in your area. Hospitals usually conduct small classes that last about 6 weeks. THEY DO HELP ALOT. Until then, meditate and take slow deeo breaths in and out. Dont do it quickly. Do about 10 slow breathing in and outs to help you relax.

I know it seems hard. But I have faith in your spirit.



I have cold feet all the time but I also have Fibromyalgia so that is par for the course! I had hot water bottles on my feet all through the summer and yet my legs and other parts of me were sweating so had to have towels! I am also menopausal! My body thermostat is stuffed...I do empathise.

Ah..I just woke up. I said earlier I get cold feet. :) But my body feels so hot for the last year.Is this anxiety or IBS? I turn my airconditioning on in my bedroom for that. If its 68 degrees out,I turn the air on to 60.

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