Dizzy and impatient


I am supposed to fly over on Thurs morning 7 am to Bucharest to have all the scans and MRI tests done all over again just to ensure that everything looks good. But since Friday I've been counting the hours and the days until my departure as can't help but think of what the test results may reveal.

My only concern is that I might be diagnosed with a brain tumor which would basically put an end to my life as I know it. I am trying to get carried away with work and keep watching movies, read books but it feels like time freezes every now and again.

There are times when I get tension type headaches associated with nausea and dizziness which may last 5-10 seconds.

I just hope I will make it till Thursday morning and that I'll be able to jump on that aircraft.



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  • I gather you've had 2 recent normal ct scans and your doctors do not feel further investigation is appropriate as they have excluded serious pathology, so why are you still worrying about a brain tumour?

    You say these are tension type headaches, so not typical of a brain tumour. Nothing in your history indicates there is any likelihood of a brain tumour.

    You are much more likely to have a plane crash, but don't start worrying about that now!

  • had a CT done on july 10th and an MRI on august 10th, 1 month later.

  • I got these headaches and episodic, on and off bleeding at the back of my throat- had an ENT examination on Monday and they didn't find anything so wondering whether the bleeding could come from the brain or from a tumor from inside the skull.

  • Sounds like they are really checking you out so that's good. I'm curious as to what they said about the bleeding in your throat - did they see anything? For them to give you so many tests they must really care about your health ( and you must have some awesome insurance)😊

  • I paid for my MRIs and now am flying out of the country to do the MRIs for 6 times as less, the NHS never recommended that I do MRIs

  • i get like that as well daily and more on then off

  • Hi Alex, I'm almost positive you do not have a brain tumor. I myself have gotten a mri because I would always feel numbness and pressure inside my head for months on end. Turns out everything was normal and my headaches and numbness is gone because I'm learned to cope with it. The pressure you're feeling in your head is your adrenal glands rushing to your skull when you're anxious. Start to accept your symptoms instead of dwelling on them, and stop thinking so negatively. Most likely if you think you have a brain tumor you do not. You will be fine God bless you.

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